Your Guide to The Best Sweaters to Buy This Season

Mariam Youssef
10/20/22, 3:30 PM

All cold weather lovers wait impatiently to wear sweaters that can be styled with ankle boots or layered with coats and scarves when it gets colder. Because the sweater options are limitless, we decided to be your guide and list the best sweaters you can buy this season and where to buy them from, so keep reading and get ready for some serious shopping!

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Ribbed High Neck Sweater (Bershka)

This sweater is effortlessly beautiful and simple. It will provide you with warmth, especially on your neck. Similar to crop tops, this sweater may show some belly if you have a tall torso. It is best styled with high-waist jeans or skirt for decent coverage and warmth. However, you can style it with low-rise jeans if you want to show off your belly button piercing. It is available in 3 colors: black, white, and purple and you can purchase it from Bershka.

Striped Knit Sweater (Zara)

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Some women are suckers for wearing stripy clothes. Most of their wardrobe items are probably stripy. Well, if that’s you, this sweater will most likely be the new addition to your wardrobe. It is comfy, warm, and season-appropriate. You can wear it in fall when the weather is chilly and, of course, you can wear it in the colder months and layer a leather jacket or coat on top. The cream color never goes out of style and the black stripes add this touch of coolness to it. You can buy it from Zara.

Cropped Knit Sweater (Stradivarius)

You will love this sweater if you’re into textured clothes. The loose fit of this piece makes it a must-have item for fall and winter. It can be styled on its own since it’s not super heavy. However, when it gets really cold, you can wear it on top of a shirt and layer a leather or puff jacket on top for maximum comfort and warmth. It is available in vanilla white, sky blue, and camel and you can buy it from Stradivarius.

Purl Knit Dress (Pull&Bear)

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This piece is unique as it can be styled differently and can help you create several outfits every time you put it on. You can wear it as an above-knee dress and pair it with stockings and boots for an edgy look. You can also wear it as a sweater and pair it with jeans or your choice of pants. It can also be worn underneath a trench coat in the winter for the utmost warmth and coziness. It is available in four colors: anthracite gray, sand, mole brown, and gray and you can buy it from Pull&Bear.

Collared Jumper (H&M)

Sweater, jumper, tomato, tomahto; it’s all the same. No matter what you call it, there’s no doubt that this one will appeal to you. From the texture to the cut to the color, this sweater has ticked all the boxes. The low dropped shoulders, long, wide sleeves and ribbing at the cuffs and hem make it one of the most versatile sweaters on the market. The ribbed collar with a button placket at the top makes it look classy and effortlessly chic. You can buy it from H&M.

Cowl Neck Straight Sweater (LC WAIKIKI)

Don’t we all love LC WAIKIKI? Is it because it’s versatile, chic, and affordable? Maybe! No one can deny that this store has some of the best clothing ever. Today, we found this piece that shouts warmth. If you like to feel the frizzy, bear-like material against your skin as if you’re wrapped in a blanket, you’ll love this one. It is available in Dull Green and you can buy it from none other than LC WAIKIKI.

Relax Fit Sweater (DeFacto)

The name alone makes you want to jump in that sweater and go out and about freely. This sweater is available in orange, which is the ultimate fall color. It also has a collar with a zipper to help you keep your neck and shoulders warm when it gets cold. The texture of this sweater is unique and fun, making it a statement piece. Style it on its own or wear it underneath a coat or puff jacket in the colder months. You can buy it from DeFacto.

Perkins Neck Knitted Sweater (Mango)

You won’t see a sweater like this on the market because it has a unique weave and texture, making it stand out from the rest, hence its high price. Moreover, the material used to make this sweater is wool mix fabric, which provides the warmth you need in cold weather. It is available in aqua green and light/pastel gray and you can purchase it from Mango.

Minnie Mouse Print Sweater with Round Neck (Max)

If you’re into Disney, this sweater will blow your mind. The all-over Minnie Mouse print makes it the cutest sweater out there. Channel your inner street-style Disney princess and pair this sweater with platform boots and a leather jacket to complete the look. It is available in gray and black and you can purchase it from Max.

Knitted Like Sweater (Dress Code)

Some pop of color can make your fall and winter outfits more fun and dynamic. This sweater is available in lime green, a color that never fails to catch people’s eyes and make you stand out. You can tone it down with black or brown leather pants or you can make it pop even more by styling it with zebra, split-hem pants. You can also go for a monochromatic look by wearing a green skirt or jeans. You can purchase it from Dress Code.

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