The office has been getting quite cold lately, and the scarves and mini blankets have started to make an appearance. Slowly, we found ourselves thinking about the nearing winter, and all the things we go through each season. So we decided to give you a list of 31 things we are dreading about the upcoming winter, can you relate?

1. Cold toilet seat.

2. Freezing bidet.

3. Getting out of bed from under the warm covers is the hardest thing to do. 

4. Ladies, ever wondered how it is harder dealing with your period in the winter. The high and low blood pressure is just not compatible with the cold weather. 

5. No matter how many layers you wear, you are still freezing. 

6. Getting ready to head to a wedding in the winter. Having to take off your fluffy warm sweatpants and slip into a short sleeveless dress. 

7. Pedicures! Let's face it, it is less tempting to go for a pedicure, and wear a pair of slippers instead of your boots in the winter.

8. Having freezing feet no matter how many socks you wear.

9. Taking off your bra is an acrobatic sport under all the layers you are wearing. 

10. They say that you should shower with cold water to keep yourself warm. Like that is going to happen! In the winter you linger under the warm steamy water for as long as possible, dreading the moment your shower is over. 

11. Typing with stiff freezing fingers, and most gloves are slippery on screens. 

12. You will never lift your hair up because you want anything to keep the back of your neck warm. 

13. Not being able to really maneuver your arms much because you are wearing too many layers. 

14. When you flip from one side of the bed to the other, and realize it is freezing and go back to the part you warmed up. 

15. Getting invited to people's places who have leather furniture.

16. Wearing skirts and tights to look fashionable, but really freezing because tights don't really keep you warm. 

17. Being fashionable in the winter is truly a dilemma, because you think of warmth as a priority.  

18. Having to shake hands with a person who has freezing hands and acting like you're totally cool and did not get shivers all over.

19. That moment when you leave your warm bathroom and step into a cold corridor. 

20. When you have to go to sleep and you know your bed is freezing, especially your pillow.

21. If it rains and you are not prepared and your socks get wet or don't have an umbrella

22. Your cold nose is as red as Rudolf's.

23. The pain you feel in your ears because it is freezing. 

24. Not being able to exercise in the winter. 

25. When the sun comes out, you feel like you are in the musical Annie. 

26. Having to protect or hide your handbag under your coat in the rain. 

27. Having chapped lips and flaky skin

28. Forgetting to drink water in the winter. 

29. Always having blue nails. 

30. Washing the dishes is a horrible experience, as the water is painfully cold.

31. Not wanting to hang the laundry and waiting for days for your clothes to dry up.