Don't store away your cropped tops because we've got five ways to wear a cropped top in winter! If you didn't embrace the crop top trend in the summer, then go out and get yourself one cropped pullover for this winter. One is enough, because you can wear the cropped top in five different ways and look outstanding during winter. The fabulous thing about cropped tops is that they can be worn with dresses, skirts, denim shirts, almost anything really, as long as you layer it well in the winter. Here are a few ideas to wear the cropped top this winter.

1. Keep warm this winter by wearing a cropped pullover over your dress, instead of going for a coat. 

2. Wear a cropped top in winter by pairing it under a coat with high-waisted jeans. Just make sure you are going somewhere heated so your stomach doesn't freeze. 

3. The best way to wear a cropped top in winter is to layer your cropped pullover with a colored or denim shirt. Accessorize the collar with a statement necklace. 

4. Wondering how to wear a cropped top in winter? You can go for a peplum skirt and a plain cropped pullover.

5. Wear a cropped pullover this winter the Jessica Alba way, with a high-waisted pleated skirt, it screams out elegance.