Are You Sick of Wearing Jeans? Check out These 11 Great Pant Alternatives
Mariam Youssef
8/24/22, 5:00 PM

When the weather gets warmer, you instantly feel the need to switch to lighter, breathable clothes that make the summer heat more bearable. While jeans are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, we all know how tight, constricting, and heavy they can feel. Therefore, we decided to show you 11 amazing pant alternatives that you can wear to up your style and feel breezy, especially in the summertime.

Capri Pants

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Capri pants are the close-fitting type of pants that can reach between your knees and ankles. You can wear those when the weather is hot and you want something airy instead of tight jeans. They can be styled differently to fit several occasions. You can wear them on the beach or for brunch with the girls. You can also wear them to work but make sure that they’re ankle-length, otherwise, they won’t be appropriate. Style your capri pants with heels and elegant tops to dress them up.

Chino Pants

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If you want to wear lightweight pants that don’t constrict you as jeans do, chino pants are for you. Chino pants are made from 100% cotton; that’s why they’re lightweight and comfy. They usually come in neutral, earthy shades, specifically light brown. Moreover, they’re the perfect piece for casual outings; however, you can dress them up by pairing them with a statement blouse and heels.

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This option is perfect for those who like the flowing of dresses but don’t desire to wear actual dresses. Culottes are very comfortable to wear because of their flowy fit that allows more air into your body. Think of culottes as skirts that have been split and sewn in the middle. They’re knee-length with very wide bottom hems. Moreover, they allow room for movement and are considered one of the classiest pants.


Jumpsuits are timeless pieces of clothing that work as a great alternative to jeans. Jumpsuits are particularly comfortable and practical because they incorporate the bottom and the top of your outfit. Furthermore, jumpsuits come in various sizes, styles, and designs that suit all body shapes. So, don’t be afraid to wear a jumpsuit no matter what your body type is. There is a flattering one just for you!


Can you really replace regular pants with leggings? Well, you can do anything you want in the fashion world and customize it to your liking. However, you must be confident in your skin because leggings will highlight your curves and thighs. If you’re feeling a bit shy, you can always go for oversized shirts or a long blouse to cover the areas you’re insecure about.


Although sweatpants have a bad reputation for being too casual, you can style them how you want to fit on several occasions. Almost every one of us owns a pair or two of sweatpants because of how comfy and effortless they are. Their adjustable waist, loose fit, breezy material, and ankle cuffs make them timeless. While sweatpants are informal, you can still style them to go out with your friends or grocery shopping.


If you like wearing shorts and skirts, you can get the best of both worlds and wear skorts. They’re perfect for a casual day, especially when you feel like showing off your legs and allowing some air on a hot day. Skorts look like skirts from the front and back, but they have shorts sewn inside of them. So, you’ll have the classy look of a skirt without worrying about an underwear slip.

Tailored Shorts

If you’re looking for something classy and comfy, tailored shorts go a long way. Imagine wearing slacks but cropped at the knee or mid-calf; this is how tailored shorts look. Although they’re shorts, they can blend in plenty of settings, including casual days, work, clubs, and even the beach. They come in a variety of styles and designs, so you’ll have to see for yourself to choose a pair that you like.

Paperbag Pants

These pants have become very popular since 2019. They’re comfortable yet chic. They’re usually high-waisted pants that you can wear above your belly. They also come with an attached belt that you can pull at your waist. Because paperbag pants are baggy, it is best to style them with a fitted top to slay the day. However, for a classy look, wear a pair of heels and use some silver or gold jewelry. Layer a well-fitted blazer on top for business meetings and formal occasions.

Wide Leg Pants

High-waisted wide-leg pants have been stylish for a while because of their amazing fit that never fails to add a special touch to your outfit. Moreover, they help elongate your body, especially when you tuck your T-shirt in. They go with everything and can be appropriate for almost any occasion.

Flared Pants

Flared pants, which are high-waisted, give any woman a feminine look and are great for hiding tummies too. They’re also very flattering to inverted-triangle bodies as they balance wide shoulders. These pants usually are tight till the knee then they flare out at the bottom. They can surely make you look taller. For a casual look, wear a basic fitted top and tuck it in. For a dressier look, opt for a monochromatic look; wear a top in the same color as the pants. You can also wear a shirt and add a belt to define your waist.

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