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Denim Isn’t Only a Pair of Jeans: Here Are 10 Denim Clothing for You

Mariam Youssef
5/8/22, 12:00 AM

Whenever someone mentions denim, you probably think of pants, jackets, and, maybe, skirts. But, did you know that there are way more than these items that are made from denim? We’ll take this chance to introduce you to different types of denim clothing and how to style them properly, so take a sip of your drink and enjoy reading.

1. Dresses

Many of you may be familiar with denim dresses since they’re seen pretty much everywhere and plenty of fashion icons and bloggers style them differently. Short, long, and maxi denim dresses are available in various styles and designs. Some fit hijabis perfectly, being flowy and modest. You can dress up or down your denim dress. For a casual look, pair it with sneakers or flats, and for a chic look, go for wedges or heels.

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2. Rompers

A romper is a one-piece suit combining a blouse and shorts. This piece is originally a children’s garment; however, it started becoming popular among women recently. It’s a cute piece of clothing that young teens and adult women can wear. It is more on the casual side, especially a denim romper. Pair it with sneakers and a cross bag for the ultimate preppy look.

3. Skirts

Denim skirts are widely known, especially for hijabis. They’re modest, cute, and practical. Nowadays, there are numerous styles and lengths of denim skirts that suit all types of women. Mini denim skirts are also fashionable and can be paired with stockings and any active footwear for a preppy look. It is unlikely to dress up a denim skirt; however, you can do whatever you want with your clothes. Wear it with your favorite blouse and heels for an elegant, chic look.

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4. Shirts

Worn exactly like normal shirts, denim shirts can be your ultimate go-to for formal occasions and casual ones too. Wear it under a blazer to create a work outfit or wear it alone with a pair of jeans for a sporty, casual look. You can also style it on top of a t-shirt to look funkier.

Photo credit: @whatgigiwears

5. Shirtdresses

A longer shirt that can be worn on its own for a cute, fashionable look is referred to as a shirtdress. Denim shirt dresses are trendy and never go out of style. While you can wear yours on its own with a belt and boots, you can still pair it with tight pants or even a skirt for a more modest look.

6. Jackets

Denim jackets are very trendy and in fashion; it’s very unlikely that they will go out of style. You can literally wear them on top of anything. You can layer your denim jacket over a dress, t-shirt, pullover, and even sweatshirt. What’s more, they’re available in different colors, so there’s no limit to what you can do with them.

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7. Shorts

While shorts are not an everyday kind of clothing, there’s no doubt that they’re fashionable and practical. Since summer is coming, take this chance to familiarize yourself with denim shorts. By the way, they don’t have to be hot shorts; choose whichever length suits you. Biker denim shorts are the above-knee length and can look very stylish and unique. If you struggle to find a proper length, cut your old jeans to your desired length to create your own brand new biker shorts.

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8. Jumpsuits / Overalls

Denim jumpsuits are effortlessly classy, elegant, and fashionable. This one single piece can make you look like a fashion diva. With a few accessories here and there, you can rock this outfit every time you put it on. Denim overalls are also stylish and cute. Wear a t-shirt or blouse underneath your overalls and, maybe, layer it with a casual shirt for a comfy, casual look. Overalls are also excellent for pregnant women who want to feel comfortable and look stylish at the same time.

9. Shoes, Hats, and Bags

Yes! Even shoes and other accessories are found in denim. You can go crazy and dress in an all-denim outfit or you can simply choose one single item to wear with your casual outfit. Moreover, if you’re into DIY projects, turn your old jeans into a fashionable denim hat or bag.

10. Last but not least, Jeans

Pretty much every woman on the planet owns at least one pair of jeans. They’re so popular and always trendy because they’re effortless, practical, and versatile. From skinny to mom fit to boyfriend to wide leg, the denim pants styles are endless. They literally go with everything and can be easily dressed up or down according to the occasion.

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So, tell us honestly, did you know about all of these denim clothing? Which one is your favorite and which one will you start wearing more often? Hopefully, these ideas helped you style your denim clothing differently. We always aim to elevate your style and help you know more about the recent fashion trends.

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