A baby shower is one of the most amazing occasions one could ever celebrate. It’s a celebration of a new life that is going to join our world soon. Whether you’re the lucky mom-to-be or you’re a guest, we’ll help you pick your outfit for this special gathering. That said, keep reading and we’ll list some great options for moms’ and guests’ outfits for a baby shower.

A Checklist of Clothing Essentials for Your Newborn

For The Mom-to-Be

Since baby showers typically take place four to six weeks before your due date, you probably want to wear something comfy. The last thing you want is to wear tight or uncomfortable clothes while carrying your baby simultaneously. Therefore, the best options are:

Flowy Long Dresses

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If you want to look princessy and feminine, the best thing to wear is a flowy dress that feels comfortable against your skin and flatters your figure at the same time. Choose a cut that suits your body type and go for peaceful, angelic colors, such as white, baby blue, or dusty rose. Moreover, since this is your day as the new mommy-to-be, you need to shine and dress up more than you usually do. That’s why it is recommended to go for chiffon or lace to make you stand out and look more elegant.

Above-Knee Dresses

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If it’s a bit too hot to wear a long or maxi dress, opt for a shorter one that allows a breeze of air. Because you need to stand out, make sure you choose a classy fabric for your dress and a proper cut that makes your baby bump look even cuter than it already does. You can choose bold colors if you want, but make sure not to go for cocktail dresses as your guests may be wearing them.

A Blouse and Skirt

A statement skirt and chic blouse can make an excellent outfit for your party and make you look stunning. If you like shiny skirts, go for a metallic one for a trendy, chic look and pair it with a subtle blouse so you don’t take the attention away from the skirt. You can also choose a colorful outfit, especially if your baby shower is in the spring or summer.

Jumpsuits or Overalls

Nothing speaks comfort louder than a jumpsuit. Go creative and choose a unique jumpsuit for your party and make this one-piece outfit do all the magic. Moreover, if you want to wear something casual and funky, you can choose a sleek denim overall that flatters your baby bump.

Oversized Shirt and Pants

If you don’t feel like wearing a fancy outfit or you’re too tired to go shopping, you can simply pair a white oversized shirt with your favorite pants for a comfy, effortless look. This outfit can be suitable for your party when it is at home.

For The Guests

If you’ve been invited to a baby shower, you should consider three things: location, weather, and dress code. Accordingly, you’ll be able to figure out what you’re wearing to the party. We’ll show you some options that you can choose from.

Funky Dresses

Embrace your femininity and put on a nice dress that suits the occasion. The details and fabric of the dress should not be over the top because you don’t want to take the spotlight off the mom-to-be. Go for bold colors or unique cuts to look chic and elegant.

A Spaghetti-Strap Top and Wide Leg Pants

If you want to make a statement with your outfit, a spaghetti-strap top is the way to go. Choose a cropped pearl top and pair it with high-waist, wide-leg pants to flatter your body and make you look dashing. You can also choose a subtle top and pair it with colorful pants. This outfit can be great when the party is taking place somewhere chic.

Blazer and Shorts

This outfit can be excellent when it’s hot and sunny. Wear a chic pair of shorts with a nice top and elevate the look with heels and some accessories. If it gets a bit chilly, you can always layer a blazer on top, which will give you a sense of elegance and sharpness.

A Statement Blouse and Jeans

At a baby shower, you can look effortlessly gorgeous with a single piece of clothing. Wear your favorite pair of jeans and pair them with a statement blouse that makes your body look nice. You can go for a neutral or bold color; just make sure you choose a shade that matches your skin tone.


A pantsuit can be easily dressed up or down according to the location of the baby shower. If the dress code is casual chic, you can style your pantsuit with white sneakers. However, if you want to make your look more formal, wear your slick heels to transform the whole outfit from casual to chic.

Finally, whether you’re a mom-to-be or a guest, the most important thing is to enjoy this day and celebrate the baby that will come to our world very soon. Wear whatever feels right to you and use the above suggestions to help you make your look more occasion-appropriate.

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