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30 Really Special Ways to Show Your Mom You Love Her

Farida Abdel Malek
3/13/20, 12:00 AM

We've all had that feeling where we strongly felt guilty of not showing our mom enough appreciation. Showing your mom you love her can come in so many different forms, depending on your personality, how you show love and her personality and what resonates with her the most. However, sometimes we want to get creative and do something small or big that can just show her how much we love her. If you're feeling stuck on how to show your mom you love her, take a seat and let's brainstorm together because I'm right where you are...

Here are 30 ways to tell your mom you love her:

1. Take a moment to dig deep into her personality and love language. How does she like to receive love? Does she want words, actions or quality time? From there you can dial down your options and start curating a gesture that would speak to her.

2. Tell her you love her. A lot. I know this is too simple, but mothers just need to hear us say it. Go the extra mile and really take a moment to be present with her, tell her you love her and give her a kiss on the forehead or hand. It would mean the world to her.

3. If you have hard time expressing your gratitude, then write it down. Sometimes writing brings the best out of us. Even when we were kids we got our moms cards and they kept them. So write her a beautiful letter telling her how much you appreciate her. That way she would appreciate the effort, keep it and go back to reading it.

4. Gather the closest people to her heart at your family home and have the day dedicated to celebrating her and showing her how much she means to everyone. This would be a perfect thing to do on her birthday, anniversary or Mother's Day.

5. Adding on to the previous point, you could also have everyone write down what they love or appreciate the most about her in a piece of paper, which she can read and be filled with love.

6. Make a list of all the things you learned from her that make you a better person today.

7. Create a compilation video of you, your siblings and all her closest family and friends saying something nice about her and the kind of person she is. 

8. Before she gets home, clean, organize the house, do her laundry and cook for her. Surprise her with the nice gesture, saying that you never took her taking of you everyday for granted.

9. Make a photo album of your favorite pictures together and write under each one, why that moment meant a lot to you. 

10. Attach some of your pictures to helium balloons and leave them all around her bedroom with a bouquet on flowers to surprise her when she got home. 

11. Send her a voice note every morning before she wakes up saying 1thing you love about her. 

12. Or you can also send her a voice note every morning saying 1 thing she taught you that makes you a better person. You can also promise her that you will do this everyday so she can always be reminded of how much of an awesome mom she is. 

13. If you're an artist of any kind, take her as inspiration and create, paint, write or dedicate a piece that is inspired by her and for her. 

14. You know how moms are always saying they wish we would go back to being babies so they can cuddle us and hug us whenever they want. Well make sure you're always giving her big squeezey hugs and cuddles randomly throughout the day. 

15. Take her advice. It's heartbreaking for moms to feel like we don't need them anymore. So, talking to her about your problems and showing her your value her opinion is big for her.

16. Book her, her dream trip. Start saving no matter how long it takes and try to book her a relaxing trip to somewhere she's always wanted to go. You could even go with her for some bonding time.

17. Engrave her favorite jewelry piece with a sweet message that connects both of you. 

18. Take her out on a date and just spoil her with much needed pampering. 

19. If she's been stressed, enroll her in a fitness class or yoga to take the edge off and if she's hesitant, tell her you'll join her to motivate her. 

20. Get her a puppy or kitty and leave it with a note saying, "I've made sure she/he has my personality and charm so I can always be with you."

21. Book a date night for her and your dad to spend a night away from everyone. 

22. Book a photo session for the 2 of you and recreate her favorite baby photos from your childhood. 

23. Customize and make her a perfume or scent that combines all her favorite notes. You can then tell her how much this scent embodies her personality and what it means to you. 

24. Fill a jar with small notes and in each write down a personality trait that you both have or the ones you've inherited from her. You can even label the jar 'You'll always be a huge part of who I am.'

25. This might be a really grand gesture, but one that is very powerful...You can name your baby after her and surprise her with it when she meets her grandchild for the first time.

26. Create a calendar and attach to every month a picture from the past that reminds both of you of a special moment that happened that month during a certain year. 

27. If she's having a bad day, just go up to her, hug her and tell her you're sorry if you haven't been showing her enough love lately and that you will try to do better. That will definitely cheer her up.

28. If you have kids, make sure you tell her that you wouldn't know how to be a good mom if it wasn't for her and that you inspire her to be a better mom everyday. 

29. Be her best friend. Let her come to you with her problems and confide in you. Always make her feel like she can talk to you about anything and make sure to regularly ask her how she's been feeling. 

30. If you're traveling, out with your friends, or you don't live with her anymore...make sure she knows she's always on your mind. Text her and tell her that you miss her and that you can't wait to spend time together. Give her a call, once a day, to chat together and be present in her life. 

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