Fustany Talks: How My Childhood Taught Me to Use the 5 Love Languages

Mai Atef
3/7/20, 12:00 AM

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Before writing this article I thought about a lot of things, like what are the 5 love languages? Is  it my way of expressing love? Does true love exist? I only found the answer to these questions after a long deep reflection. So I decided to go back to the beginning, where I first found any knowledge or understanding of love. Since I was a little girl, I used to always listen to Umm Kulthum and Abdel Halim's songs, which always talked about love and how amazing it is, whether that love was for a loved one or the love between a mother and daughter.

When I grew up and didn't come across true love, I said to myself, "There is no love, there is only attachment, interest, and comfort," and I started to not believe love songs anymore. But now I can say that there is true love, but it is not easy to find, unless you're really lucky.

After a long time of reflecting and thinking, I found that the word 'love' is not limited to a romantic relationship. We all practice the act of love and feel it on a daily basis along with everyone around us. Love for me is expressed with my mother, my father and my close friends, who are all people who really deserve for me to tell them from time to time how much I love them. I found with those around me that the 5 languages of love are an essential thing for us, especially since everyone needs to hear kind and loving words, especially during difficult times and problems.

What are 5 love languages in my life?

With my mother, I learned how to express my love through words of appreciation and compliments, as she always tried to frequently express her love to me and my brother. I also learned from her that you can show love by making sure you spend time with your loved one and also by giving them meaningful gifts. I started applying all of this with those around me and with her too, when she was going through a difficult time and was really sick. I felt a strong desire to make her happy, whether through words of love, compliments, gifts, flowers and even hugs. Sometimes, it almost felt like I was her mother.

With my father, I learned the language of love through physical touch and hugs. This is always how he made me feel safe, facing whatever life throws our way. Whenever I was going through something, my dad would try to calm me by hugging me. So this became one of the ways I started using to show love to those around me. I also learned from him that expressing love shouldn't only depend on words, but that actions are more important.

After learning the languages of love from my childhood and with the help of my family, I find myself now using them with the people I love. I also found that my expression of love should never be limited to whether I'm in a relationship or not. In my opinion, love is a positive energy that everyone is in need of because life with its problems and stressors tends to consume our energy. Therefore, the word love, no matter how simple, is very powerful and impactful. So, I hope to never stop giving those around as much love as possible, especially when they truly need it.

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