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Since I started writing in fashion, I noticed how women would express their personalities through  fashion, the clothes they wear and the colors they choose. I've always seen fashion bloggers pick clothes and represent a style in a way that reveals a little bit of their personality, without just sticking to trends. However, picking outfits that are modern but still represent your style and character shows immense creativity and intelligence.

I remember ever since I was a little girl, I always loved fashion and fashioners, and I used to own my Bermuda pants and loose sweaters, which were one of the most popular trends at the end of the 90s and early 2000s. I always wanted to pick out my clothes myself, and whenever my  mom tried to help me out, I would still insist on picking things that appealed to me and fit my character. Whenever I sit down to look through older pictures of me, I always find that my clothes and the colors I wore were really expressive of what I've always loved and my personality.

I am a girl who tends to go for quieter shades and simpler hairstyles because I'm a shy person. The more I grow up, the more I love an even more minimalist style. I don't find myself drawn to bold fashion choices like puff sleeves or ruffles. Even when I pick modern trends, I go for the simplest ones. And likewise when it comes to patterns, I don't feel comfortable wearing them and when I do it's usually stripes, horizontal or vertical.

My choice of simple minimal pieces isn't just for everyday wear but evening dresses as well. I never go for sequined dresses, they're too much for me and I don't find myself beautiful when  I wear them. That's why most of the dresses I own are either chiffon, velvet or delicate lace fabrics with no embroidery. But I tend to make up for this simplicity with statement accessories, and shiny heels so the looks don't get too dull.

Although I am constantly searching for simple and calm looks, I also adore bright colors. There are some shades that I cannot go without, like neutral, pastels, white, black and beige but I also love pink, yellow, blue and green.

When one of my friends asks me to help her choose the outfits, I always look for pieces that can express her personality, whether in the clothes or colors. Each of us has a way of expressing their personality through their go-to style, whether in their everyday looks or evening wear and I know for sure that you, on some level, do that as well.

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Main Image Credits: Instagram @tassneemabuseedo