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"Being able to express yourself is one of the most difficult things in the world."

I very well aware that what I'm going to talk about today is not easy at all. As Irish singer Róisín Murphy said, it is one of the most difficult things in the world, and she wasn't wrong at all!

One day I felt the need to find some way to express myself, as a way to have people around me easily identify who I am. Finding the right words was not enough for me, I didn't want to feel the need to keep repeating the same words or sentences to explain to people and express my personality. For me, it seemed ridiculous and with a possible opposite effect. According to psychiatrists, people who always talk about themselves could appear weak and insecure. So, why should I have to keep trying to express who I am? Shouldn't there be something about me that kind of gives off that hint or vibe? 

I was deeply convinced and persistent on finding a form of expression that allowed those around to get to know me better, just like I am interested in the nature of their personalities as well. And I cannot deny that it took me a very long time, to finally realize that the best way for me to express myself and how I'm feeling is with...colors.

I remember ever since I was a kid I found colors fascinating. The more I grew up the more I became interested in understanding each color and learning about them. So I read about the meanings of color in psychology, and how the colors that I choose to wear in clothes and makeup can be a form of expression of how I'm feeling on the inside. They can also be almost like a unconscious message to those around me translating who I am and who I feel. 

For example, I found out that red expresses love, energy and passion. I also learned when and how it could be seen differently as a sign of  hostility, war and hatred. I began to learn how I can wear blue to bring out and express my feelings of calmness and inner peace and how I can also wear it to express when I feeling down or sad.

Discovering the power colors was perfect key that opened for me the door to where I can finally found a way to be able to express myself in a way that suited me. Today, I feel fulfilled with colors as form of expression that matches my feelings. It may have been an a very long search, but in the end it gave me exactly what I've always wanted and it was totally worth it. You don't have to limit yourself when finding something to express yourself with. It can be as simple as movie, music, books or even food. You just have to listen to yourself and look for it.

Every person in this world must allow themselves a form of self expression. As Héctor Bellerín said ...

"In this life, you must be allowed to express yourself."

Main Image Credits: Instagram @blaireadiebee