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Have you ever thought of thanking your legs that they carry you and allows you to walk from one place to another? How about your eyes that show you the world in its finest details? And your hands that carry out most of your daily tasks? What about your mind that endures everything you go through? These questions might be very weird for you but I'm sure that by the end of this article you will understand what I'm talking about and it might even make you re-evaluate many things in your life like what happened with me.

Last month, everything inside me changed when one of my legs rebelled against me and refused to carry me. I was forced to bed rest without moving at all for many days. If I can describe how that felt, it was truly one of the worst feelings to be striped off a very simple given in your life, even if it was temporary. In those days I couldn't go to work or even move around the house, I realized the huge mistake I've made towards my health. I started wondering why I never gave my legs the proper attention it needed. Why I never did anything to improve my health and take it for granted even though many have lost it? Truth is, I'm not the only one who does this, maybe you do that too.

We take our health for granted, since birth we live with it without being thankful that we have it or give it much attention. Even if we feel a bit of pain we ignore it, walk wrong, sit wrong, and don't even take note of what we're eating. It's as if we're challenging our health and our bodies, till the day they rebel against us and only then do we realize how important they are. that's exactly what happened with me in 2019!

Today I can truly say that the most important lesson I've learned in 2019 is understanding how valuable our health is and the importance of taking care of it, both the physical and mental health. We shouldn't take it for granted because at any moment we can lose it and we'll be wishing that we'd paid more attention and been more careful. Health is truly priceless and can never be replaced, it's not a meal you can eat whenever you feel like it, or a trip you can postpone, or even a movie you can watch on demand when you have some free time. It's as simple as "good health = happy life" so what's stopping us from making it come true? What's stopping us from appreciating every part of our body and thanking it for enduring everything and hoping that it stays strong and steady for us all the time? That's the only reason we are able to do everything from work to everyday tasks and at the end of the day it's what keeps us content and happy.

With the beginning of 2020, the first words I wrote to look at through out the next 12 months is "First comes your health" and I hope you can do the same...

Happy New Year!

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Main Image Credits: Instagram @ooh_lily