A mum’s life is a busy life; full of challenges and responsibilities, and it’s like that mainly because of her children. A mum’s sense of responsibility might make her give up on her dreams. That’s why Farm Frites released a new campaign titled 'أم_وبحب_الحياة' to encourage mums to create a balance between their children and their dreams, so they can live their lives to the fullest.

The Farm Frites campaign wants to send a message to every mother, that she shouldn’t give up to the stresses of life or get distracted by the many struggles she faces on daily basis, especially after giving birth. Whether it’s a sport, a hobby or a career, mums should keep on pursuing their dreams to become stronger and more confident, it will make them happy of themselves and will even make their children so proud.

And to make life a little bit easier for mums, Farm Frites presents to you their products that only take 4 minutes to cook to ready for your kids! This way, you won’t only save time, you’ll also be presenting a delicious meal for your kids, which is French fries.

Cooking food for your family every day takes a lot of time and effort, that’s why it’s important to turn to easier and faster cooking solutions to save time and effort, to have the extra time to pursue your dreams. Watch the next video to see Farm Frites’ latest campaign.

To know more about Farm Frites's campaign go on this hashtag #أم_وبحب_الحياة to know about real mums who were able to balance between their careers and their children, and you can share your thoughts too!