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How to Wear Clogs in Style This Fall/Winter

Salma Ihab
10/11/22, 12:00 PM

Clogs are making a comeback from the 90's because they are a huge trend for fall and winter 2022. They are a massive nostalgic item, so we want to give them a chance because they are very comfortable. There are two questions you need to ask yourself here: First, how can you style your clogs other than with flared jeans. Second, do you wear clogs with or without socks? Well, we can answer one question, which is how to style it, but the other is debatable. So, we'll leave that up to you to decide. So, let's see how to wear clogs in style this fall.

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1. Suit and clogs, a strange mix you probably never thought of

suits and clogs

Image Credits: Charme and MorePure Wow

You're thinking about a suit and a clog now, aren't you? How can I look fashionable in that? If you think about it, we were used to wearing our suits with high heels, but then there was a fashion revolution that made it acceptable to wear them with sneakers. And now, we always wear them with sneakers instead of high heels. Clogs are the new sneakers as they go perfectly with a suit. So, it's time for another fashion revolution. You can choose clogs in the same color as your suit, which is a personal favorite of ours. Alternatively, a beige suit with black clogs looks great and well put together, but a stylist's tip is to match your clogs with your suit pants for a more chic look.

2. How about some cow print clogs to spice up your look?

cow print clogs

Image Credits: Steal The LookPop SugarSteal The Look

Cow print is probably something people get hesitant to try. But in the world of clogs, it's quite common to come across cow printed ones. The question is, how should they be styled? You can wear a monochromatic outfit to draw attention to your cow print clogs. Another interesting way to wear it is with plaid pants, but this mix and match look is for those who aren't afraid to mix different prints together. If you're in a hurry and want to throw something on but still look fashionable, go for jeans and a brown sweater, or choose the color of the sweater based on the color of the cow print you have.

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3. Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, but the clog version 

red clogs

Image Credits: EllePure Wow

Seeing red clogs immediately reminds us of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and her red heels, which she had to click together when she wanted to return home. Red is a vibrant color that can be worn in a subtle way with black trousers and a shirt. Or you can go for a more daring way to match the vibrant red clogs with a skirt and shirt but don't forget your belt to accentuate your waist. To finish the look, add a bag with an animal print. If you're looking for a casual chic outfit, both looks will be great. 

4. Clogs with fur to keep your feet warm 

fur clogs

Image Credits: Foot Wear NewsPure WowCollage Vintage

By the end of fall and in the winter, most of us get frozen feet and all we want to do is to keep them warm as much as we can. That’s why going for clogs with fur is such a smart choice and a warm, chic look. You can pair your clogs with a skirt and go for a fur jacket too to have a fur theme going on. For a more simple look, go for jeans and a long cardigan to wrap yourself in and keep warm. A fur clog is a statement piece and very convenient if you get cold from your feet easily, but please ensure that the fur is fake. Remember faux fur is still fashionable and there’s no need to torment animals so you can wear authentic fur!

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5. A two-color or monochromatic outfit


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Another stylish way to wear your clogs in fall is to wear a two-color outfit, such as a black and white outfit with white or black clogs. Alternatively, you can go for a monochromatic look, such as all white. Either of these two options is a great way to style your clogs in fall. Moreover, choosing a subtle color to match your clog color will definitely make you look fashionable.

6. Back to basics, clogs and jeans

jeans and clogs

Image Credits: GraziaPinterestSteal The Look

If you're still unsure how to style your clogs, go back to the basics and pair them with jeans, just like in the 70s. You can go for culotte jeans, which are very trendy, and a shirt. Another type of jeans is the wide leg that can be styled with a sweater. When you pair wide-leg jeans with clogs, only the front part of your clogs will show because the wide-leg jeans are so long. Alternatively, you can go for a full denim look, which will undoubtedly look fashionable because denim on denim will never go out of style.

7. A matching set and socks

As the weather gets colder, we suggest pairing your shirt and pant sets with clogs and socks. Fashion police is totally against socks and sandals, but socks and clogs? Approved! It looks comfortable, warm, and stylish so there is no reason why you shouldn’t style them that way.

8. All-black outfits

Nothing is harder to pull off than an all-black ensemble. Wearing all black tends to imply an unspoken display of dominance, whether it is a tiny black dress or black pants and a matching crop top. Dress up a casual ensemble with a pair of black leather clogs. Try to make your accessories match; your earrings, belt, bag, and clogs may have flashes of gold that stand out against the black, adding a touch of sophistication.

9. Business casual

The oversized blazer has maintained all of its original appeal since its popularity boom in 2020, possibly even gaining more steam. Wearing an oversized blazer with any outfit can provide the ultimate business casual appearance because it is adaptable and effortlessly stylish; you can wear it to work and then out for drinks. Support a lightweight brown coat with heeled clogs. Your work casual outfit will be elevated when you wear eye-catching blue clogs, which also provide comfort at any occasion.

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