Best Female Travel Bloggers You’ll Love to Follow

Mariam Youssef
9/1/22, 5:30 PM

Have you been dreaming about traveling around the world and visiting marvelous places? Do you have a dream destination that you’re saving up for? Probably your answer is yes, but do you even know how you’re going to travel? Are you sure that the places you want to visit are good enough? Well, our amazing travel bloggers seem to have answered all of these questions and more. Therefore, we decided to list the best female travel bloggers you’ll love to follow and learn from their experience and expert tips.

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Nadine Arab

Nadine’s mission is to help all travelers embark on their own solo adventures. Since she decided to become a full-time digital nomad and follow her passion, she became one of the best travel bloggers. With Nadine, you’ll find amazing tips on solo traveling. Whether you want to know more about domestic tourism or traveling abroad, she’s your guide.

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Marwa Ali

As a broadcaster and travel avid, Marwa Ali helps hundreds of people plan their upcoming vacation by providing great travel tips. Not only does Marwa provide amazing traveling tips with her followers, but she also shares positive vibes with them, assuring that traveling is possible and fun.

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Travel Bug Diaries (Hadil Hammad)

As she describes herself, Hadil is a girl with a camera and a few good stories. She’s passionate about traveling and her Instagram account is living proof! She simply documents her travel diaries and shares them with her followers to be inspired and follow in her footsteps.

Rahma Traveler

If you have zero experience with traveling and have no idea where to start, Rahma will guide, help, and motivate you. At the time being, she’s been to 27 countries (if you read this article a year later, she will have traveled to way more countries by then). Moreover, Rahma doesn’t only share photos and reels about her destinations, but she also informs everyone about how she obtains her visa and all the information anyone may need to know before traveling.

Omnia Afify

Omina is a free soul who enjoys every bit of traveling. Her full-of-life photos and videos that she shares with her followers will make you feel automatically happy. For her, traveling is a journey that leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. Ibn Battuta also believes exactly that since he wrote this.

Arielle Abroad

She’s an American traveler who lives in Egypt. She finds joy in flying around the world with her family and documenting precious memories and sharing them with her followers. She will provide you with amazing tips on how to travel with toddlers and how to enjoy your time around them on a vacation.

No matter how lost you are when it comes to traveling, these stunning travel bloggers will guide you through it. All you have to do is follow their Instagram accounts, watch their reels, and read the captions so you can gather all the necessary information you need to help you take the step and finally see the world!


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