Whenever you decide to go on a vacation, you start looking up the internet and searching for the ultimate travel packing list. However, some things should not be included either because they’re not essential or may take up a huge space in your suitcase. That said, we’ll show you a list of the things you should avoid packing when traveling for the best experience.

The voice in your head might be telling you now that the things you shouldn’t pack are simply the things that are not on the packing list, right? Well, even though that makes sense, some of us still manage to add a few things here and there that are not included in the packing list.

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1. Several Pairs of Jeans

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We encourage every woman to always look fashionable and on-trend, but one of the main things that make traveling a great experience is minimalism. Less is more; one or two pairs of jeans are more than enough for your trip. Be practical and pack only that pair that goes with anything and can be dressed up and down. Multiple pairs will just take up a huge space that can be utilized more efficiently.

2. An Outfit for Each Day

While we’re at it, there is no need to bring a different outfit for each day of your vacation. Since practicality is mandatory while traveling, try to go for simple clothes that can be styled differently. For example, you can bring 3 tops and 3 bottoms that can be mixed and matched, creating different outfits. Furthermore, choose clothes that are comfortable and practical so you can have an amazing time and enjoy yourself fully.

3. New Shoes You Haven’t Tried Before

Don’t we all have that pair of shoes that doesn’t go with anything or is stored somewhere and doesn’t even make it out of its box? Well, you don’t need to bring that pair with you when you’re going on vacation. You probably won’t wear it now if you’ve never worn it before. Moreover, don’t buy shoes specifically for your vacation and try them for the first time there. That’s a big no-no! There is nothing worse than not being able to enjoy sightseeing because your toes hurt or your shoes are too tight. It is best to bring a versatile and comfortable pair of shoes that can go with all of your outfits.

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4. Magazines and Books

things you should avoid packing fustany

Although a vacation is a perfect chance for you to enjoy yourself, do the things you love, and avoid screen time as much as possible, carrying heavy books and magazines in your suitcase isn’t necessary. You can bring your tablet or Kindle and read as many books as you want. Electronics tend to be lightweight and slim, so they won’t take up so much space. Plus, there’s no need to bring your favorite books to avoid any chance of them being ruined or folded.

5. Hair Styling Tools

Leave your blow dryer, curling iron, and straighter at home. These items take up so much space in your suitcase and your accommodation’s bathroom. Instead, call the hotel you’re staying in and ensure that they have these tools or at least one of them. If they don’t, you can opt for travel-size hair tools that can make your hair look nice or make do without. It is a great chance for you to embrace your natural waves and enjoy some heat-free time.

6. Your Makeup Bag

Whether you like wearing makeup every day or planning a special night on your vacation and want full glam, you do not need to take your makeup bag with you. Take only the items that you will use and don’t pack two options of the same item. For example, if you don’t wear foundation, you probably won’t need it on your vacation. Additionally, it is best to go for two lipsticks; a nude one for day outings and a bold one for special evenings.

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7. Workout Gear

things you should avoid packing fustany

Unless you’re an athletic person who cannot miss one day without working out, you don’t need to bring any workout gear. If you feel like moving or wanting to exercise, hit the hotel’s gym. You’ll probably find all the machines and equipment that you need for your workout session. If your accommodation doesn’t have gym facilities, you can opt for cardio exercises in your room.

8. The “Just in Case” Items

Most of us tend to pack unnecessary items just in case something happens, which eats up all of the space in the suitcase. You may even end up paying too much for the extra weight at the airport. You don’t need to pack things unless you’re certain that you’ll use them. For example, you don’t have to wear your running shoes just to run a few kilometers on a three-day vacation. Your raincoat is also unnecessary when you’re going to a tropical destination. Unless you’re sure that it will be cold on a specific day, don’t bring your coat.

9. Expensive / Irreplaceable Accessories

Even though you may want to unleash your inner fashionista, there is no need to bring your expensive watch, jewelry, or purse. Walking around carrying lavish accessories can make you a target for pickpockets. Moreover, you may leave your Gucci purse or Rolex watch behind or simply lose them. Additionally, if you have an irreplaceable item, such as your mom’s pearl necklace or a gift from a deceased loved one, you don’t want to bring it along with you. It’s best to keep these priceless things safe and sound at home.

Finally, the purpose of this list is to make you enjoy the best travel experience by not packing unnecessary items that may trouble you. Think wisely when you’re packing and be sure that every single item you’re packing will contribute to your happiness and well-being. We hope you have the best time of your life and enjoy yourself to the max.

Main Image Credit: @fozaza