Hot days, summer heat, and 30+ degrees, it’s the perfect time for ElSahel. Yay! Whether you’re going with friends, family, or alone, you should know that there is more to ElSahel than just the beach. The best thing about ElSahel is that you can find places that are suitable for adults and children; every member of your family will have a blast, that’s for sure. No matter how long your vacation is, we recommend you to try these awesome activities in ElSahel to have the utmost fun. That said, we’ll list some of these activities below, so keep reading.

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Yoga by the Beach

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If you’re looking for relaxing activities that help you find inner peace, nothing beats yoga by the beach. The sound of the waves alongside the fresh, breezy air, relaxing music, and the stretching you’re going to do is literally everything you need to find your zen state of mind. You can find yoga classes organized by fitness centers at many places in ElSahel, such as Diplo, Sidi Abdelrahman and Hacienda White.

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Bicycle Rides

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Remember when you used to ride your own bike with your siblings and cousins when you were a kid during summer vacations? Well, it’s time to live those days again. Rent a bike and travel around in the early morning for some relaxation or go on a race with your friends or family members to relive the old days and revive your happy childhood memories.

Spend a Day at Zahran City Park

Zahran City Park is one of the best places to visit while you’re on the North Coast, where you can find many restaurants and cafes. You can also do some shopping as there are plenty of well-known international brands. Moreover, you can keep up with the latest movies at the cinema there. If you have children, you’ll find entertainment games that will keep them occupied and happy. Zahran City Park is located at kilo 82.5 North Coast, Alexandria.

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Day Trip to Alexandria

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Geographically, Alexandria is in ElSahel. However, if your vacation is in Marina or El Alamein, it might not be so close to you. It is just a few kilometers away, so why not spend a full day in Alexandria to see how gorgeous and entertaining it is? Visit historical places, walk by the Corniche, and revel in some tasty seafood from the best restaurants there.

Have a Fancy Dinner 

Since you’re looking for something fun and unusual to do in ElSahel, try out one or some of the best restaurants in town. The Smokery restaurant, for example, is a floating restaurant that has superb service and top-notch dining experience is everything you need for a one-of-a-kind experience. It is the perfect place for a romantic dinner with your partner. The restaurant is located in Marassi.

Find the Best Beach

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All the activities you can do in ElSahel are only second to taking a swim in the beautiful mediterranean sea. Therefore, it is important to find a good beach that has clear water, where you can truly enjoy your swim and have the best time ever. The beaches found in Marassi, Hacienda, Marina, La Vista, and Amwaj are among the best in Egypt.

Go Clubbing

Dance the night away at the best clubs in ElSahel. Don’t miss the fun parties and awesome clubbing mood. Night clubs like 6ix Degrees in Hacienda, Rai Club in Marina, Club Central and Rubiz in Marassi, and White Beach will give you the true clubbing experience.

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Attend Concerts

Usually, the summertime is full of concerts that mainly take place in ElSahel. Plan ahead your vacation so you can attend your favorite singer’s concert. We will also provide you with a list of all the upcoming concerts in ElSahel, so stay tuned.

Play Board and Card Games

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The activities you can do in ElSahel don’t have to be outdoors only. You can also have the utmost fun while sitting in a hotel room with your friends. The more people the more fun you’re all going to have. Sleeping early is not an option for sure, so it is best to bring some board and card games with you to really make the sleepless nights count. Games like Monopoly, UNO, Jenga, and Scrabble can be very fun and challenging. There are also plenty of Egyptian games that will crack you up, like El Hassa El Sab’aa and Gaweb Matkhafsh.

Main Image: @Sara Sabry