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Your Ultimate Guide to Styling Your Outfit for an Evening Party

Mariam Youssef
5/19/22, 12:00 AM

Whenever we get invited to a party, we get thrills because we all love to dress up, don’t we? Even when you’re the host of the party, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about what to wear and how to rock a perfect, suitable outfit. Dressing up for a party is quite tricky because it isn’t a dress code that everyone sticks to. It also differs according to the type of party you’re going to. That said, we’ll give you an idea of what to wear to evening parties and how to style your outfit perfectly without spending too much time.

We’ll list the types of parties and explain fully what to wear to each one of them, so keep reading.

House Parties

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If you’ve been invited to a house party, that means that you’re spending your time indoors. That’s why you can literally choose any outfit that flatters your body. Maxi or shirt dresses, ripped jeans, or a blouse with a nice cut can do the trick. Remember to keep your makeup lowkey because you’re technically spending time indoors. You may want to let your lipstick or one accessory pop to look chic and effortless.

Birthday Parties

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Birthday parties are so easy to dress up for. Unless it’s your birthday, there is no need to steal the thunder and look over the top. Keep it simple, yet classy. Pair a crop top with a skirt, a shirt with ripped jeans, or simply wear a one-piece boho dress. Keep your hair and makeup simple. You may go for a red or fuchsia lip according to the color of your outfit.

Dressy Events (Engagements, Weddings, Anniversaries…)


In formal, celebratory events like weddings, engagements, holiday parties, and so on, cocktail dresses are preferable. Slim dresses, A-line dresses, and sleek pantsuits also make perfect choices. The key here is to dress nicer than you normally would. Try to go for separates in silk, satin, or velvet. The material of your attire is something you shouldn’t overlook. Moreover, you can mix different materials. A nude blouse and a glittery silver or golden skirt make an excellent outfit. You can also do the opposite and match a plain black dress with a glittery blazer.

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Bachelorette Parties


As long as you stick to something fun, decent, and not over the top, you’re on the right track. Your little black dress will be perfect for this occasion. Satin and lace dresses and jumpsuits make excellent choices too.

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Dinner Parties

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Dinner parties are nothing like cocktail parties. At a dinner party, you want to look elegant, yet casual. The trick to mastering dinner parties’ attire is to play with shades. Keep your outfit subtle by combining a blouse with a skirt that’s lighter or darker in shade. Powdered colors and pastels are great choices too. For example, if you’re going to wear a navy blue blouse, pair it with a baby blue skirt. You may want to add a nice necklace to look dressier.

Themed Parties

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Well, this is probably the easiest and hardest type of parties simultaneously. As the name suggests, themed parties have certain themes that include certain costumes. However, it is not a costume party, so balancing between looking elegant and on-theme is challenging. Let’s talk about the 2022 met gala dresses to get the full picture. The theme was “Gilded Glamor,” which was inspired by New York’s Gilded Age, where people wore flashy, extra attire that showed wealth. The queen, Blake Lively, rocked a custom Versace look that changed from bronze to green to reflect the oxidation that happened to the Statue of Liberty over the years. 

Our point here is that Blake Lively understood the assignment and you should follow in her footsteps at your next themed party. For example, if you’re having a 90s-themed party, you want to rock the 90s fashion trends, such as the big hoops, plaid shirts, chokers, and, of course, the blue eyeshadow.

Boat Parties

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Whether it is a party on a cruise vacation or a private yacht party, make sure your outfit is classy, polished, and on point. If you don’t want to go for one-piece dresses, wear denim pants with a chiffon top, a striped jumpsuit, or a side slit maxi dress with heels.

Work Events

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Some cool bosses like to celebrate success with their co-workers and employers. The company you work for may want to host a party for partnering with a big client. If you’ve been invited to any of these parties, think of business attire. Although they’re parties, they’re still considered work events, in which you should look formal. A knee-length skirt, pantsuit, or blazer and formal pants would make perfect choices. Surely, stay away from jeans and sneakers.

Finally, we hope that this guide is helpful and instructive. You don’t have to stick to the examples shown above. We wanted to showcase some ideas to inspire you to choose your next evening party outfit. For Hijabi girls, make sure you choose a subtle, plain headscarf to go with the outfit you’re going for. You can play with colors in your accessories, bag, or shoes.

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