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How To Wear A Jumpsuit According To Your Body Type

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8/27/21, 12:00 AM

An all-year-round garment, jumpsuits are a very practical yet stylish member of anyone’s closet. Whether in the winter or the summer, you could easily switch jumpsuits within seasons simply by carrying a light jacket with you as you go. The way jumpsuits are designed to cover your entire body in one may not be the best for our self-confidence, and despite all body’s being beautiful, I could see someone who looks exactly like me and love it, but hate it on myself, we really do tend to stress. We must make sure that if we’re going to stress it’s not for anyone, but for ourselves. So, we decided to share with you a guide on how to wear a jumpsuit according to your body type, with all the detailed fashion hacks you may need to look and feel super confident. 


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1. Jumpsuit for Apple Body Type: 


Image credits: La Perla

Apple shapes have an increased volume on the top but are slimmer on the bottom. The correct jumpsuit can really flatter the body here. Jumpsuits with V-necks for example, will enhance the figure, try looking for V-necks or jumpsuits with ruffles or a lettuce trim at the top.  With the top of the jumpsuit having a detail that gives it volume, and a tailored bottom.This is also the best way to show off those slender legs, so choose the jumpsuit while considering both the top and bottom (maybe a little tailored by the legs, to create shape). Think about cropped, long and wide fit bottoms.

Our tip: Try to find jumpsuits with multiple layers of fabric or a print, such as ruffles as these will create an illusion of a fuller bust. Priyanka Chopra for example wore a polka dot jumpsuit with a body defining corset to enhance her figure from the top, this created a classy yet playful look.

2. Jumpsuit for Pear or Round Body Type: 

Generally, this refers to those with wider hips and narrower shoulders. Therefore, jumpsuits that balance the upper and lower body are preferred. For example, a jumpsuit that is tighter on top but loose or wide fit or straight on the bottom. This could be an off-shoulder jumpsuit or even a strapless one. Also, color blocking or different patterns throughout the jumpsuit will break the look up and draw attention to specific parts of the body.

Our tip: Just like apple shapes, we need to find jumpsuits that can accentuate our curves without making other areas look dull or, if I may, flat. If you are a pear shape, you could try and find a jumpsuit with an open V-neck or a plunging neckline. J-Lo herself looks stunning in a plunging neckline, as it elongates her body, it also creates curves to create balance .If you want a more modest look, try and find a colour block or print piece, they’ll really create an illusion of a fuller body.

3. Jumpsuit for Rectangle & Athletic Body Types:

Rectangle or athletic bodies are the easier to pair with jumpsuits, you can really go out of your way rocking jumpsuits with volume, thrills and patterns. Try to decide which shape bodysuit you want, as this will help you decide which curves you want to accentuate. For example, tighter from the top will accentuate the chest, whereas tighter from the bottom will accentuate the behind.

Our tip: Play around with different fits and prints and figure out which one you prefer. Also consider which area you are trying to accentuate, or in general be careful not to go overboard, but to choose something that looks effortless, even if its not.

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4. Jumpsuit for Hourglass Body Type

Hourglass figures, how does it feel to be gods favorite? No, we’re kidding, but they do look good in almost anything. You could wear a tighter jumpsuit to show off the slimmer waistline, try and find a jumpsuit that will hug your waistline but is a little looser on the hips. Avoid high neck jumpsuits as this will create a weird, elongated effect on the body that will hide the curves.

Our tip: Focus on your waist and creating the illusion of a smaller waist with accentuated curves. This way, you will look slimmer by the mid section.

5. Jumpsuits for Petite Body Types: 

If you’re petite, tailored jumpsuits or slim fit ones will look the best. Nothing too wide fit, as the wide fit will make you appear shorter and cut the length of the body we are trying to accentuate. Eva Longoria looks so chic in her cargo style jumpsuit, the fit itself is tailored to her body as it is slim yet straight by the legs, and she cinches her waist by pairing it with a belt.

Our tip: Look for jumpsuits that embrace different fits that elongate the body, all tailored, you could go with a slim fit or semi- tight fit. With something like a belt in the middle, or maybe a corset, you can really highlight the legs doing so. But there's one thing you can do to make you feel taller than the highest of heavens, you could, like Eva, pair a nude colored jumpsuit with nude heels or flats. Nude heels in general when paired correctly elongate the leg alone, try it out you won't regret it.

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6. Jumpsuits for Tall Body Types: 


Image credits: Daily Mail

If you’re tall, go for a jumpsuit that is wide fit by the pant leg. This will further elongate you. You could look for flair or bell bottom jumpsuits like the ones Kendall's wearing. You could create shape in your look by wearing a jumpsuit with a tighter mid-section. 

Our tip: Focus on finding the jumpsuit with the perfect leg fit, then go from there. You could also always go for a strapless jumpsuit, as this will cut off the top body to somewhat extent.

If you are feeling insecure about your mid-section and tummy, find a jumpsuit with a belt, as this will help cinch your waist and create the illusion of curves.


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