If there is one piece of clothing you need to have in your Summer 2021 wardrobe, it’s a good pair of denim shorts. Just like you have a favorite pair of everyday jeans, you should have a favorite pair of denim shorts that can be worn in countless ways. Summer 2021 trends included several kinds of shorts, so the question is, which shorts to pick for your body type.

From paper-bag shorts, to Mom fit shorts, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to buy the perfect pair of denim shorts that will last you all summer long. 

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1.Paper-bag Shorts 

Paper-bag shorts are cinched at the waist and have an A-line flare shape on the leg. These type of shorts work best with an hourglass or pear body type. Since the all the detail is on the waist, it draws attention away from the legs, and the A-line flare shape will make you legs look very sleek and toned. Paper-bag shorts are usually high waist and have a front tie, which means it’s the perfect detail to hide belly fat and give you a very cohesive look. HOWEVER, I feel the need to mention that to all fashion rules there are exceptions, and with paper-bag shorts there are exceptions. They come in a variety of textures and fits, meaning there is a fit out there that can work for whatever your body type is. Dare to try?


Image Credits: Zara.com

2.Bermuda Shorts

These shorts were made for the women with long sexy legs. The Bermuda shorts usually fall above the knee, meaning they’re longer than your basic summer shorts. They’re also a very versatile piece, from sneakers and a tucked in t-shirt to a white shirt and a pair of heels, you’ll always look chic in a pair of Bermuda denim shorts. 


Image Credits: Popsugar.com

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3.Low Waist Denim Shorts 

These shorts work best for the petite body, or an athletic body type, perfect for someone with lean legs, toned stomach and a small waist. The thing about low waist denim shorts, is that when you walk or sit in them for some time they can be a little uncomfortable, which is why we recommend going for a straight fit to avoid the discomfort. 


Image Credits: Baldwinscloset.com

4.High Waist Shorts 

These pair of shorts are perfect for the pear body shape. The high waist option accentuates your waist, giving you a balanced look. In our opinion, high waist denim shorts work on most body types, all you need to is find THE cut that works for your body and you could rock it all summer long. 


Image Credits: hdphotos4u.com

5.Mom Fit Denim Shorts

If you've got curves, mom fit denim shorts are your new best-friend! They’re perfect for your small waist, and will hug your butt, hips and legs in all the right ways. Make sure for the hem of the short to hit at the thinnest part of your thigh, it will give the illusion of slimmer legs. 


Main Image Credits: itakeyou.co.uk