Platforms are back yet again with everything, heels, boots and today's main summer accessory, sandals. If you don't own a pair of platform sandals, I suggest you invest in one right away! Along with many other trends that came back from different eras, the platform sandals are really cool, wearable and they can go with anything, but here are the four best ways to wear them with your summer outfits. 

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How to style platform sandals:

1. Platform sandals with wide leg pants

Wear platform sandals with wide leg pants and culotte pants. They go really well together and flatter each other. 

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2. Mom jeans and boyfriend jeans

Mom jeans and boyfriend jeans are the best denim styles to wear with platform sandals. They have more of a balance than skinny jeans do, which can make the platform sandals look too bulky. 

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3. Midi and maxi dresses


Midi and maxi dresses are a great way to style your platform sandals. They're both really summery and fun. And it creates a nice contrast between the bulkiness of the platform sandals and the femininity of dresses.

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4. A short skirt and platform sandals

This is the ultimate 70's-inspired outfit with a short skirt and platform sandals. It's a perfect summer look. If you're on a beach holiday, you can wear them with a crop top and if you're strolling the city you can style them with a graphic tee or loose blouse.

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