Layering necklaces is really popular these days. So we asked you to vote: Layering necklaces or styling chain necklaces. You chose the very popular stacking necklaces trend and we're here to give your some styling tips. The thing is a lot of us struggle with layering and making it look coordinated. With a few simple tips, you can layer your necklaces everyday easily with your outfits. 

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How to Layer Necklaces

How to stack and layer more than one necklace together


1. If your neck is short, layer your necklaces gradually and choose longer ones. Start with the shorts necklaces and gradually go down with the longer ones. If you want to elongate your neck, have the shortest one sit slightly under the neckline.

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2. If you want to make a statement, mix and match your necklaces from dainty ones to bigger bulkier ones. If you want a simpler look, layer only your thin dainty ones.

3. Coin necklaces are timeless pieces and they're a really nice way to mix and match your necklaces.

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4. You can mix and match gold and silver if you want but it is a lot easier to style only gold ones together and silver ones together.

5. You can also add necklaces with gemstones or pearls, for more shine.

How to layer necklaces with shirts


1. Make sure the shirt is plain and doesn't have a lot of statements patterns if you're planning on layering a lot of necklaces.

2. Leave the top buttons of the shirt open so that all the layers are visible.

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3. If you do want to close the top buttons you can choose shorter necklaces to layer with. 

4. Leave the necklaces inside the shirt, not on the outside.

How to layer necklaces with a t-shirt and top


This is actually the easiest one. Layering necklaces with shirts and tops is simple, just take the t-shirt or top you want and put your necklaces on whichever way you want to. It's a simple way to style up your t-shirts. 

Layering colorful beaded necklaces


Colored beaded necklaces are really in this year and they're a great option for summer if you're looking for a joyful lively look. You can wear it with neutral monochrome outfits if you want to town down the color. If you want a colored outfit, pick pinks and blues that would go nicely with the necklaces and bring their brightness out. You can also mix it with other gold necklaces.

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