We all know that accessorizing can be difficult, especially if they are earrings. Since with Friday Fashion Fits we always show you how to wear different pieces with your outfits for different occasions, this week we're talking about how to wear hoop earrings and style them with your everyday outfits

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Don't forget to scroll down to the gallery below for some ideas on how to style hoop earrings...

How to wear hoop earrings:

How to style your hair with hoop earringsundefined

Choosing the right hairstyle with hoop earrings can make a huge difference. If your'e wearing small hoop earrings, try something simple like a ponytail or a bun so you can see them. Or you could also leave it natural, but bring one side behind your ear. If they're big hoop earrings, you can leave your hair down if you want to make them look like less of a statement or you can sleek your hair back if you want them to add some drama.

How to wear hoop earrings with hijab?


One of the most frequently asked questions from hijabis is how to accessorize and style earrings with their veil.  In fact, the answer to this question is quite simple, for all you have to do is go for a hijab wrap that leaves the ears exposed like the turban wrap or even the bow turban. They both look beautiful with hoop earrings, just find the size that you feel looks best with the wrap and flatters your features.

Hoop earrings with turtlenecks 


Turtleneck sweaters are an essential winter clothing item and the good news is, they look sensational with big hoop earrings. They're a match made in fashion heaven. Just make sure you go for big statement hoops so they can properly show through. 

Unique hoop earrings desings


If you want a more interesting and unconventional piece, you don't have to go for the traditional hoop earrings (silver or gold), you can go for pearl ones or a Tortoise Shell pattern or from any of the many other unique designs out there. You can even wear these with simple outfits if you're worried about it being too much.  

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