Our handbags are an essential part of our look, not just for practical reasons but for styling as well. If you're looking for a new bag, a good place to start is looking through fashion trends and the latest handbag trends for summer 2020. Although we're spending most of our time these days indoors, we're still inspired by the outfits and bags that celebrities and bloggers are styling and showing us. Here are some of them... 

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Here 7 of the latest handbag trends in 2020:

Wicker and woven bags summer 2020


Wicker and raffia woven bags are one of the modern models that we've seen since last year for summer and it's still with us this year as well, but with a slight change in shapes and with a mix of leather details. This will make them more wearable for everyday outfits as well, as they're super practical. 

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The bucket bag trend


For more than 3 years ago, the bucket bag trend appeared and then disappeared for a while, but not it's here again with more modern designs. They are perfect for practical and evening looks, because they can actually be really chic. 

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Short strap shoulder bag trend


One of the most popular bag trends for summer 2020 is short strap shoulder bags, inspired by the 90s. Their current elegance and modernity makes them a beautiful wardrobe addition, especially for your special occasions. They also suit a lot of different types of outfits. 

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Small belt bag


Belt bags are still here for summer 2020, but the ones we've seen last year have changed and have been replaced with simpler smaller designs. Small bags are also a big trend this year so both make a great combo, especially when it looks like it's just a part of your belt. 

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Bamboo handle


There are some simpler designs that can make for great accessory pieces. Handbags with bamboo handles are not just perfect for summer, but they're also incredibly chic and subtly glamorous. Whether it's a large or small bag, it can add a lot to your summer looks and let's face it's so fun to hold.

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Circular bag trend 2020


Interesting and oddly shaped bags are a trend this year, among them the circle bag which has been trending for a while now. It looks great for evening looks and it's incredibly chic and fashion forward. 

Woven Basket bags


This is another bag we've been loving. The shape is more like a box, but with natural materials like  wicker and straw. It takes those materials and makes them more structured, sophisticated and chic for an elegant summer nights look.