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| by Mai Atef

What to Wear at Home Engagements?

As you know, hosting a wedding or an engagement party at venues these days is no longer an option, due to social distancing. You can only have one at-home and invite just your close ones, and the thought of it makes you wonder, what would I wear at a home engagement party? There are a lot of looks that you can pick from, just keep in mind to be simple to suit the at-home vibes, this is why I’ve picked for you engagement looks suitable for home engagements.

Evening dresses for home engagements

A lot of girls tends to wear evening dresses at their engagement party as it gives them the chic look that they’re dreaming of, but having the party at home is a bit different since you have to choose an evening dress with a unique cut and also keep it simple the same time, bearing in mind to avoid over puffed or long-tailed dresses.

This is why you have to keep your choices simple either A-line, pencil, or flow with embroidered fabrics, tulle or chiffon. And of course, you have to keep in mind that the dress cut suits your body shape.

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Formal looks suitable for a home engagement

If the guests are limited and you don’t want to exaggerate in a home engagement party, then you have to try formal looks that might go with the party vibes. For example a classic skirt or a stylish shirt or blouson formal pants, or wearing a formal suit in pink for a traditional at-home engagement look.

Simple but gorgeous wedding dresses for at home ceremonies

Soiree jumpsuit for an at-home engagement

Soiree jumpsuits are considered the best choice you can go to for a home engagement look, you can try a beaded one for an attractive look, or go for a minimal jumpsuit with a classical elegant cut that suits every bride’s taste. And for the ultimate fashionable look, try one with a flow chiffon part around the waist or on the shoulder.

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At-home Engagement Looks

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