Whenever we think about a vacation destination to travel to in Egypt, Alexandria always tops the list. The city isn’t only an attractive destination to Egyptians, but people from all over the world also find it a great place to visit. From historical attractions to amazing architecture, Alexandria has plenty of great places to visit. If you’re planning to go to Alexandria soon, keep on reading to know the best places to visit there.

1. Library of Alexandria 

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The Library of Alexandria or Bibliotheca Alexandrina is one of the most important landmarks in Egypt and the cultural center of the city. It includes a combination of the largest libraries in the modern world and several museums too to help you know more about the heritage and history of Alexandria. The architecture of the library is a giant sun disk that towers over the Cornish waterfront. The interior is a huge main building with a reading room containing 8 million books. Nonetheless, the main attraction for tourists is the beautifully-selected exhibition space beneath the main building.

2. Fort Qaitbay

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If you’re into Islamic historical places, you’ll surely love Fort Qaitbay. It is one of the oldest Islamic monuments and is the main tourist attraction of Alexandria. Sultan “Ashraf Seif al-Din Qaitbay” built this castle by the Mediterranean coast in the same location as the old minaret that was destroyed by an old strong earthquake. This place is also amazing for taking pictures by the sea and next to the historical walls.

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3. Catacombs of Kom el-Shuqqafa

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In Kom El Shoqafa, you’ll find a mixture of Pharaonic, Roman, and Greek art that is home to some artifacts and plenty of tombs and statues. You won’t believe that these tombs were discovered when a donkey fell into one at a distance of 12 meters. When searching for the donkey, these tombs were found. There are three levels of these tombs; after lowering the groundwater level, the first and second levels were reached. However, the third one has not been reached yet because of the artifacts submerged under the groundwater.

4. The Roman Theater

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The Roman Theater dates back to the Roman era and you can find it in Kom El-Dikka. It’s considered one of the top attractions in Alexandria. Discovering the theater was by coincidence when the tomb of "Alexander the Great" was searched. The theater is made up of 13 marble and takes the shape of the letter “U.” To arrange a seating area that can hold up to 600 people, the steps were numbered in Greek in ascending order.

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5. Underwater Ruins

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If you’re looking forward to participating in a diving trip, visit the underwater cities to see the ruins of Heraklion and Canopus that date back to the Greco-Roman era. You can also see some relics that date back to the ancient Pharaonic era like the remains of the Temple of Isis to witness the immortal legend of Isis and Osiris and Cleopatra's Palace.

6. Pompey’s Pillar

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Tourists from all over the world come to see the strength of Pompey’s Pillar’s construction and towering height. The pillar was built in the Roman era in memory of Emperor “Diocletian,” who was able to save the people of Alexandria from the revolution led by the leader “Achilles.” So, the people built this pillar as a thank you to the emperor who restored peace and stability to the city.

7. Alexandria National Museum

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The Alexandria National Museum was owned by a wealthy Italian man at first, so it was built in Italian style. Then, the American Embassy bought the palace in 1954 and the Supreme Council of Antiquities bought it in 1996 and began its restoration process until its opening in 2003.

The Alexandria National Museum includes approximately2 1,800 artifacts and antiques from all ancient and modern times. These antiques were brought from several museums throughout Egypt, such as the Islamic Museum, the Coptic Museum in Cairo, the Greek and Roman Museum, and others to symbolize Egyptian civilization.

8. Montazah Gardens

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The Montazah Palace has some of the most mesmerizing gardens in Egypt. The palace was built by King Helmy the 2nd as a hunting lodge and then was transformed into a family summer house by King Fuad. The Montazah gardens view five beaches: Venice Beach, Semiramis, Aida, Cleopatra, and the private beach of Palestine Hotel. Unfortunately, the gracefully-designed Montazah Palace, with its amazing Florentine-inspired towers, is not open to the public. However, you can still wander around the gardens to enjoy the beauty of nature.

9. The Stanley Bridge

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Stanley Bridge is an iconic work of engineering that you should pass by in Alexandria. Walking across this wide exceptional sight is a must-do while you’re in the city. It becomes a bit crowded in the evening, but you can cross this bridge in the early morning to really enjoy the view and take some good pictures.

10. The Corniche

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This is considered one of the most important, if not the most, tourist attractions in Alexandria. It oversees the Mediterranean coast and spreads from “Ras El-Tin” to “Al-Montazah Palace.” It was built back in the early 20th century and is too often crowded with tourists and locals simultaneously in the summertime because of the warm weather, beautiful, calm sea, and splendid scenery.