Vacation season is almost over and school and work are starting to get back on track, but you still need a few days off to unwind and relax before it’s back to business. Well, how about these last minute vacation ideas to help you spend a nice couple of days without having to get on a plane or spend a lot of money? We know that preparing for vacations takes a long time and effort, so it can be difficult to decide on anything that can be done in just a few days. But we are here today to share with you a set of ideas for enjoying a vacation before it ends in a memorable way, along with last minute weekend getaway ideas.

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17 last minute vacation ideas to try before you’re back to work:

1. A movie and walk with friends

Who said that a vacation only needs travel?! You can enjoy spending a day with your friends at the movies watching a new film and then walking together in the beautiful autumn weather.

2. A day trip

You don’t have to travel only for a long trip, some place far away. Choose a nearby town, like two hours away, book a hotel to spend the whole day there, whether you’re alone, with your friends or your children. At the end of the day, grab your day trip bag and head home.

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3. A wonderful Nile cruise

For me, the best way to spend a vacation is with a boat cruise. It helps you relax and get you back to life with a clear mind.

4. Spend a day at the spa

We rarely have enough time to take care of ourselves every day. With long working hours and other responsibilities, we don’t get the chance for pampering that often. So it would be nice if you took the few days left of vacation to relax pamper yourself.

5. An evening at home with friends 

If you’re on a tight budget, this is a great idea. Just gather your friends at home in front of the TV to watch a cool movie. Or even put on some music and make a party out of it. Board games are also a good option.

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6. Go to a concert

What do you think about attending a concert for your favorite singer or band? It's something that will only take you a few hours. But you’ll go back home full of enthusiasm and joy.

PS: This does not apply during the pandemic! Stay safe!

7. A shopping trip

You might have a lot of things around the house that are missing, need replacement or you’re just in the mood for some retail therapy. Well now you have the perfect time. Write down a list and head to the shops. 

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8. Visit a museum

Spending a day exploring a museum. Choose one of the museums you’ve been wanting to check out and head there. 

9. A day at the park

Head to one of the public parks near you with your friends or family to spend a special day and enjoy being outdoors and nature.

10. Yoga retreat

If you like yoga, there are some places that offer short yoga retreats by the beach or in quiet places with beautiful nature.

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11. A barbecue party

Another great idea you can do with your partner, family, or friends. All you have to do is invite people over, buy the food and start grilling. Also don't forget to put on some great music.

12. A fishing trip! 

This idea might be a little different, but it could be really fun. Go on a one-day fishing trip with your loved ones. Don't forget to take lots of photos.

13. Are you a cycling fan? 

If your answer is yes, then what do you think of inviting your friends to spend the day going on a bike ride.

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14. Bowling is a great idea

You don’t need to plan anything ahead of time. Just look for the spots and venues that offer a bowling alley and bring the people you love with you and just be goofy and have fun.

15. Spend the day reading 

If you love to read and there's little left of your holiday. You can go to a quiet, calm public library and spend a day there, reading and discovering new things.

16. Stay at home and do nothing 

You do not have to do something outside the walls of your home to enjoy your vacation. You can use the rest of the vacation to relax at home and clear your mind before going back to work.

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17. Volunteering and charity

I think it’s a great idea to do charitable work on vacation. Our schedules can be pretty crammed most of the year, and this is a great chance to finally volunteer and help that organization you’ve been following.

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