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65 Things to Make You Happy

Author Zeina Tawfik
Time 3/11/19, 12:00 AM
65 Things to Make You Happy

Don't we all aspire to be happy? We spend our days in the pursuit of happiness neglecting the fact that happiness is all about the little things. Or at least that's what positive people do... Learn to be optimistic, focus on the little things that would make your day and draw a big smile on your face. Whether it's buying that new pair of shoes, indulging in a jar of Nutella or getting your daily dose of Fustany.com, be grateful and enjoy life's little pleasures. That's why we're sharing with you a list of 65 things to make you happy. Ready, set, happy!

1. Eating ice-cream
2. A walk on the beach
3. Watching Friends
4. Dancing to the Tequila song
5. Road-trip with friends
6. Roasting marshmallows on fire
7. Eating cotton candy
8. Flirting with strangers
9. Playing water balloon fight
10. Baking chocolate chip cookies
11. Singing your favorite song out loud
12. Playing with pets
13. Having a bubble bath
14. Watching fireworks
15. Looking at old photo albums
16. Shopping
17. Getting a mani-pedi
18. Meeting new people
19. Watching sunset/sunrise
20. Playing with a kid
21. Falling in love
22. Working out
23. Being creative with your Halloween costume
24. Game night with friends
25. Dancing in the rain
26. Playing beach ball
27. Watching Disney movies
28. Riding a Vespa
29. Smiling at strangers
30. Gossiping with friends
31. Traveling to new places
32. Taking dancing classes
33. Seeing a rainbow
34. Having a cake fight
35. Playing with a hula-hoop
36. Being ridiculous
37. Taking funny pictures
38. Doing handstands
39. Loosening up
40. Ticking something off your bucket-list
41. Jumping off a trampoline
42. Having breakfast in bed
43. Skydiving
44. Watching chick-flicks
45. Having a good nap
46. Making a snowman
47. Reading your favorite magazines
48. Catching up with old friends
49. Hugs
50. Wearing sexy lingerie
51. Picnic at the park
52. Stargazing
53. Sending handwritten birthday cards
54. Laughing out loud
55. Drinking hot chocolate
56. Wearing new pajamas
57. Painting on a wall
58. Going to amusement parks
59. Giving a kid a gift
60. Attending a concert
61. Throwing confetti at weddings
62. Flower arrangements at home
63. Going to a spa
64. Drinking a chilled Coke
65. Giving compliments

Main Image Credits: Instagram @marta__sierra

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Zeina Tawfik

Zeina Tawfik

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