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We all go through periods of feeling down with a loss of hope, where we need someone to hold our hands and tell us that we can get through this. And since sometimes, we have to hold our hands and find new ways to get inspired and feel comforted, we often need something things to help...

I am not one of those people who doesn't always express how I'm feeling, I often go into conflict with myself and find a way to tell myself the things I need to hear...until I found that movies and series that can actually do that for me. It became enough for me to relax after a long day at work and watch an uplifting movie or an episode from my favorite feel good series, that help change my perspective on life and how I view it, so I go to sleep with a clear mind and good energy. 

So today I decided to share my secret with you. Yes! I consider it a secret, for who knew that films and series are what keep me inspired and enthusiastic. But as you know, we're used to not being able to hide anything from you...

10 Movies and Shows I Can Rely on to Boost My Mood!

7 ultimate feel good movies and series that change my perspective on life:

1. Eat Pray Love


The first time I saw this movie I couldn't stop myself from crying. Julia Roberts and I became one person, wandering and in search of finding ourselves and joy. Is she religious? Does she love her husband? What about work? Does she really want children? It was a vision of the confusion I've gone through and the thoughts that had accompanied me. The moment her character left everything behind, to go on a journey on finding oneself, really resonated with me. This movie has really inspired me in different stages of my life. Today, whenever I feel like I want someone to hold my hand, it is my first choice.

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2. Chef


We're all afraid to start from scratch and go back to square one. It is not easy for us to accept criticism, especially if it is about something we're really good at. It's also hard for us to find the strength to battle more than one thing at the same time. This is what John Favreau went through in Chef. This man left his job at one of the biggest restaurants and went to build something from the ground up with his food truck. He tries to get closer to his sons after he realizes he doesn't know them well enough and fixes his problems with his ex-wife.

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3. The Pursuit of Happyness


This movie will do both, make you smile, and see life completely differently. Let's admit that for a lot of people, the reason we're unhappy is because we don't know how to be happy. I remember years ago someone told me that happiness is not something we are born with or that is given to us, but it is something that we must strive to have in this life. So I advise you to watch this movie whenever you feel depressed and defeated and you're in need of something that motivates you and inspires you to puts a smile on your face.

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4. Yes Man


When we were young, they told us that it is good to say 'Yes'. So, were they right? In this movie, you will laugh your heart out with Jim Carrey, the man who was used to always saying 'No' until he decided to join a training program, only to discover that neither is good but moderation is actually what's best. 

5. The Theory of Everything


Have you just work feeling unmotivated, drained, and like you can't achieve anything more in life? Well, try not to go to bed feeling like this. Watch this movie and I'm sure you'll wake up the next day in a much better state.

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6. Grace & Frankie


Have you ever felt unsure and worried that the person next to you isn't the one who will stand by you through anything or that one day you'll find out you didn't actually know them at all? In my opinion, you need to watch Grace and Frankie. It is highly reviewed and a couple of different problems we deal with but in a comedic way. It shows you that no matter how old you are, you still have life ahead of you and you should grasp every moment of it.

7. Girlboss


I read the book first, which is a biography about the life of entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso, who managed to gain huge success and achieve her goals. The book was hilarious and interesting, so naturally, I knew that I had to watch the series immediately on Netflix. In fact, you will laugh your heart out over Sophia's many hilarious moments and you will feel proud and applaud when she's succeeded.