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You know these times when you're just not feeling very social and want to brighten up your damp mood with a feel good movie or TV show? We all have these ups and downs and some movies for me are just like comfort food, I go to them whenever I need a mood booster and no matter how many times I watch them over and over again I never get tired or bored. So, for the next few weeks each of the Fustany Team members will be sharing with you our own go to list of movies to cheer you up. You might find gems you never watched before that you can add to your own 'Pick Me Up' list. Here is my list:

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10 Movies and Shows I Can Rely on to Boost My Mood

1. The Holiday

This is supposed to be a Christmas/New Year movie, but for me, it puts me in a great mood no matter the season I watch it in. The beautiful music, cinematography and effortless acting from all the cast just warms my heart every single time.


2. The Devil Wears Prada

Is it too early to call this a classic? Well, it is in my book... Watching Anne Hathaway's character Andy transform from a worn out intern to a poised woman, finding her footing and her voice to appreciate her own worth is truly satisfying.


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3. You've Got Mail

I've watched the original 'Shop Around the Corner' movie and loved it, but 'You've Got Mail' will always have my heart. I love every second of it and the constant bickering between Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks whenever they meet vs. how warm and honest they are towards each other online is one of my favorite things ever!


4. Friends

This might be the TV series that I watch the most whenever I need a mood boost, or when I'm eating, or before sleep... basically whenever I have 20 minutes to spare and don't want to get too engrossed in the plot. Friends carried me through many childhood memories, and will always be my number 1 comfort watch.


5. Crazy Stupid Love

I just smile remembering this movie... My favorite parts is not the romance but the bromance between Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling. They're so funny together and it would always make me happy seeing their dynamic and rapport.


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6. You're Beautiful

This TV series might not be known to many because it's a Korean drama. It was one of the very first I watched and is one of my forever favorites. Even though it's over-the-top and ridiculous but it has a certain charm to it that uplifts my mood. Also, the comedy in it is just gold!


7. The Lion King

When I'm in the mood for animation movies instead of the regular ones, the original 1994 The Lion King and Finding Nemo (check below) are my picks. I don't think I've ever met someone who doesn't love this movie with Timon & Pumbaa stealing the show.


8. Finding Nemo

As I said in the previous point, it's a really good mood boosting movie. Who doesn't love listening to Dory ramble on to Marlin all throughout their journey across the ocean? This is also one of the rare animation movies that I love to watch in the original English version and the dubbed Arabic (Egyptian dialect) version equally.


9. The Greatest Showman

So many amazing larger than life shows and songs were in this movie and it made it climb straight to the top 10 movies that puts me in a better mood instantly. Can we ask for anything more than Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Zendaya, and all the amazing cast members singing their hearts out? I don't think so.


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10. While You Were Sleeping

Another movie that I grew up watching and loving... I've always loved Sandra Bullock's acting and in this movie it was so lovely. Her chemistry with Bill Pullman was incredible and always radiated a lot of warmth. Not to mention the bits and pieces of comedic scenes that keeps me smiling all the way through.


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