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Anyone who knows me, knows I’ve wanted a dog my whole life, ever since I was a kid. As the years went by, I slowly turned into that weird woman who talks about dogs and everyone thinks she  has a dog. Why? Well, because I seem to give advice and have read all the articles about what it takes to train a dog. And yes, I might have even gone to a few dog parks from time to time to see the adorable fluffies.

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You see as the years went by, there was always something stopping me from getting a dog. However, a few months ago these things started to disappear and I began considering finally taking a step to get a dog. I always told myself if I get a dog, I would request puppy leave from work, yes I think puppy leave is just as important as maternity leave. I mean, you need time to bond with their new fluff pet, train them and get to know them. Would you leave your newborn baby locked in a room and head to work for a full day?

Case and point.

So, when the Covid-19 crisis took over and we were all forced to start staying home and going to work meant moving from my bed to the dining room it seemed like the perfect opportunity. The day they announced a curfew in Cairo was the day I found Mufasa...Coincidence? Fate?

What are the positives of being stuck at home?!

Mufasa is a 2 months old German Shepherd puppy that has entered my life around 3 weeks ago, and here is what I have to say about this experience... 

IT IS HARD. You know all those cute dog videos you see on Instagram, with the puppy being obedient and adorable. Well, I haven’t reached that state yet. Nowadays Mufasa’s poop schedule is leading my day. I wake up super early to take him for a walk in hopes that he can do his business, because for some reason he likes to poop and pee only at home, he doesn’t like public gardens.

He’s also still in his teething phase, so currently my arms and hands are full of  scratches and bites, and of course some of my furniture’s legs are signed with bite marks. 

Suffice to say the self-quarantine has kept me quite busy, but I have to admit I knew a pet comes with a great deal of responsibility and I had expected it to be a bit tough, but it’s all ten times harder than I anticipated. I don’t know about you, but I never felt like anyone really talks about how overwhelming it is to have a pet. Especially the first few weeks. Cleaning up A LOT of poop and pee, waking up in the middle of the night, dealing with separation anxiety, his and mine.

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I’m exhausted. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of cute and adorable moments with Mufasa. Also, I’m exercising so much more now that he’s around, but the hard parts, at least for me, are quite overwhelming.

The main positive thing about this is that he came with a lot of joy, and every day gets a tiny bit better, so I’m trying to focus on the mini accomplishments instead. Give me a little bit of time and I’ll share a post for you: Things I’ve Learned From My Dog. But, for now, I’ll leave you with my most recent and most important lesson; patience. I thought I was a patient person, but Mufasa has been teaching me patience on a whole other level.

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Main Image Credits: Instagram @novathegermanshepherd