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If I try to relive my childhood hair care memories, I think of early mornings with my mom brushing my hair. I was a quiet child with slicked back hair in the form of a braid. My mom used to braid my hair back into a French braid. She wouldn't let me leave or move until she's slicked back all my baby hairs into place.

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How my mom taught me to care of my curly hair... 

And because I had thick curly hair, my mom used to find it difficult to comb my hair and take care of its frizziness. My mother's hair attention shifted to mind and she started applying all the things she learn about haircare into my hair as a kid. She was actually able to transform my hair, smoothing it and calming down the frizz. It constantly felt smooth and started having more soft waves. She didn't rely solely on the use of natural remedies, she also applied hair care products like oils and creams, that made hair feel and look better significantly. Also, using hair rollers really helped control the waves and make them smoother, without the use of any heat. However, now I hate them because they give me headaches and they're hard to sleep in. 

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It is one of the things that I could not continue doing, now that I'm responsible for taking care of my hair. So my hair has gone back to its curly nature, however it's really soft thanks to the natural hair remedies I do from time to time. And although my overuse of oils darkened my hair color a little, it still managed to keep my hair's texture soft and smooth, preserving its nature.

Summer hair care

My mother's interest in taking care of my hair did not stop there. She also made sure to protect it from any damage it got exposed to, especially since I started learning swimming when I was young, and because swimming pool water has a large percentage of chlorine which can damage the hair. She used to make me wear swimming caps, although I didn't like how I looked wearing them and used to complain all the time about how it made me look among my friends. It did, however, prevent or minimize water from getting to my hair. My hair stayed dry and was easy to comb and style after I finished training. I understood the true benefits of that when I got older and even now, I have a swimming cap that I wear under my hijab to protect my hair when I go swimming in the pool.

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Avoid using heat

This was one of my mom's tips that helped me a lot when it came to my hair care ever since I was a child until up until now. My mother wouldn't let me straighten or Blow dry my hair, unless it was a special occasion or on holidays. After that, it was back to natural recipes to make my hair soft in a natural way. In fact, I still apply the same rules that I learnt from my mom. I only straighten my hair once or twice every 5 months and when I notice my ends looking weak, I stay away from heat completely until the hair restores its strength.

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