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My first memory of hair care as a child is standing in front of a mirror trying to avoid the funky smelling DIY mask my mom conjured in the kitchen from falling into my eyes. As I recall, it was a combination of yogurt and eggs. Yes, I know...disgusting. I hated eggs. I whined, complained, rejected and might have even released a tear or two, but she persisted that I will thank her for it one day. She believed that if she drowned my hair in DIY hair masks and hot oil treatments my hair eventually will be exempt from the frizziness she's always struggled with. 

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And although I think her hair is absolutely beautiful the way it is, I must say that I can tell that the hair care she forced on me made a difference. I can see the effects, even though both our hairs are completely different, I can imagine that without all the treatments in my childhood, I think my hair would have been very different now. At least that's what I'm telling myself. 

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I also have some very vivid memories of her getting me ready for school and glamming up my hair with all kinds of clips and pins to the point where her skills would be showered with compliments from my preschool teachers. Also, as I got older and started going to get hair my hair done at hair salons, which was once in a blue moon because she was terrified of the heat and would allow me to straighten it only on special occasions...another thing I strongly thank her for now, she used to ask them to give me a hot hair mask treatment first so it could counteract the damage. I used to sit, for what felt like hours, under the weird hair drying round hot device melting my patience and hair mask down to neck. But again, my hair is thankfully a lot thicker than a lot of people I know who constantly straightened their hair as teenagers.

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Now I'm supposed to talk about what I'm doing to my hair and compare it to what my mom did. The truth is, I keep my haircare to a minimum. If I could summarize it in 3 words it would be...a hair mask once year, getting it trimmed once a year, using a hair mask in the shower instead of a conditioner. I know, tragic. To be honest I'm more of a skincare person. And if I don't like how my hair looks I just straighten it or slick it back into an updo. I don't have a lot of patience when it comes to my hair however I always use a leave in conditioner and some type of hair oil or hair serum after a shower. 

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I guess this yet again shows that maybe all the hard work my mom put into my hair paid make up for my potential years of negligence. Thanks mom. 

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