Sometimes we can be so emotional and in return, we become physically drained as well that we don't feel like doing anything but lying around in bed.

It can be PMS, something bothering you or no reason at all, but the way a bad mood can drain us can turn into a vicious cycle that is hard get out of and get your mood lifted up, let along think of ways to do that.

So we're here with ideas we think that they can help boost your mood and get you inspired to get back to life with a positive outlook. 

1. Take a shower:

Taking a shower with some relaxing music on or running a bath and lighting scented candles can instantly change your mood. The warm water and fresh afterward feeling always enhances the feeling of drowsy loss of energy and helps get you relaxed and less iffy.

2. Cook your favorite meal:

Make yourself some comfort food. Doing something for you, and only you, allows your mind to feel cared for. And your favorite meal will not only make your tummy happy but make you feel a-lot better and more energized.

3. Watch a movie that you truly love:

Your favorite movie is the one that almost instantly puts a smile on your face and in your heart. You know the ones that are most probably The Holiday and anything starring Julia Roberts

4. Pick up a book, and read:

Get off social media, your phone and laptop. Close them now. Actually of course wait till you finish this article...and then pick up a book. Routines can get you bored and sad, make yourself a cup of tea and read something inspiring.

5. Get up, move and achieve

Drowning in bed all day helps you relax at first but it doesn't help with the mood-boosting, it gets you lazy and more exhausted eventually. So get up, tidy and reorganize. Achieving something, even if it's within your 4 walls, gives you a sense that you're stronger physically and emotionally! And the sense of achievement and change is a good break of routine.