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30 Romantic, Sexy and Classic Rom-Com Movies You Must See!

Author Fustany Team
Time 4/7/24, 1:30 PM
Best Romantic movies rom-coms to watch classics

Who isn't always looking for passionate romantic movies to watch in the evening? Whether it's from the golden era of Egyptian Cinema or a classic Hollywood film, we all love a good rom-com movie. And as we're all sitting at home, looking for movies to boost our mood, it's the perfect time to present you with this list of 30 rom-com and sexy movies you must see. Of course, we can never leave out the rom-coms that always brighten up our day.


Music is also a great way to keep your spirits up



Spice up your watchlist with these 30 rom-com and sexy movies! 



1. Love at first sight


Love at first sight romantic rom-com movies


Hadley and Oliver start to develop feelings for each other during their flight from New York to London. The chances of them ever crossing paths again appear incredibly slim, but love, as well as the magic of London, might just have a knack for surpassing expectations.



2. The Lost City


The Lost City romantic rom-com movies


A private romance writer sets off on a book tour alongside her charming cover model. However, their journey takes an unexpected turn when they find themselves caught up in a thrilling kidnapping plot, plunging them into an exciting and dangerous adventure through a wild jungle.



3. Laaf Wa Dawaraan


Laaf Wa Dawaraan Romantic Arabic Movies


Noor, a joyful bachelor, takes his curious family on a fun-filled getaway to Sharm el-Sheikh. To keep things hassle-free, Noor comes up with a playful idea; he pretends to be married to Laila a complete stranger, making their adventure even more exciting, and it turns into a romantic getaway with Leila.


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4. The Hating Game 


The Hating Game Romantic Rom-Com Movies


With a firm commitment to achieving professional success while maintaining her ethical values, Lucy embarks on an intense and playful competition of intelligence with her sharp rival, Joshua. Yet, as their rivalry deepens, Lucy unexpectedly discovers herself being magnetically attracted to him, creating a delightful mix of excitement and complexity in their relationship.



5. Something Borrowed


Something Borrowed Romantic Rom-Com Movies


As Rachel, perpetually single, finds herself falling for Dex, the fiancé of her closest friend Darcy, bonds of friendship are pushed to their limits, and hidden truths bubble up to the surface, creating a whirlwind of emotions and revelations.



6. Eza’et Hob


Romantic Rom-Com Movies Arabic


Unattached colleagues at a radio station find a connection through mutual friends, but their overly romantic notions about love might put their budding relationship at risk.



7. He's Just Not That Into You


He's Just Not That Into You Romantic Rom-Com Movies


Another romantic comedy that we all probably have memorized by now. The cast is exceptional. It's funny, really sexy and gives a kick of reality every now and then.



8. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days


How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Romantic Rom-Com Movies


One of my favorite movies especially when I'm not feeling well. Andy, makes a deal with her boss to write an article about how to lose a guy in 10 days. The guy ends up picking is also on a bet to make a woman fall in love with him.



9. Love Actually


Love Actually Romantic Rom-Com Movies


Just in time for the holidays, the Christmas romcom of all Christmas romcoms...none other than Love Actually. Funny, romantic, cosy and definitely a mood booster.



10. No Strings Attached


No Strings Attached Romantic Rom-Com Movies

Is it possible to have zero strings attached. Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman have amazing chemistry is this sexy romcom that tests the reality of just being friends with benefits. 


11. Mr. & Mrs. Smith


Mr & Mrs Smith Romantic Rom-Com Movies

This is a unique one that is great in times of boredom because it's full of comedy, action, and even romance. It's about a married couple who each have a secret life as assassins that they keep from one another... 



12. Friends with Benefits


Friends with Benefits Romantic Rom-Com Movies


A hilarious friendship takes a romantic turn in a very unorthodox way. You must have heard of this one, and you must watch it.



13. Hepta


Hepta Romantic Rom-Com Movies


Based on an amazing book, this is a very powerful and interesting story about the 7 stages of love, presented in a very unexpected and surprising emotional way. 



14. Love & Other Drugs


Love & Other Drugs Romantic Rom-Com Movies


Love & Other Drugs is a very nice light romantic comedy starring 2 incredible actors, Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal.



15. Khally Ballak Men ZouZou


Khally Balak Men Zouzou Romantic Rom-Com Movies


If you're looking for a magnificent rom-com, it doesn't get any better than this Soad Hosny and Hussein Fahmy classic.



16. Sex and The City


Sex & the City Romantic Rom-Com Movies


You've probably seen the TV show 100 times, but you don't want to miss the movies either. It's not just about fashion. Carrie and Big's love story will never get old. 


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17. The Proposal


The Proposal Romantic Rom-Com Movies


This movie is a mixture of comedy, romance, and drama, but it won't make you feel overwhelmed, it's the perfect balance. It’s really funny and the acting is great. You won’t be able to stop watching.



18. Eshaet Hob


Eshaet Hob Romantic Rom-Com Movies


You can never get enough of this golden age classic. Soad Hosny, our Cinderella, instantly brings joy to the screen, especially in this movie. The comedy and the cast is unforgettable.



19. My Big Fat Greek Wedding


My Big Fat Greek Wedding Romantic Rom-Com Movies


If you love family comedies, this will be right up your alley. It is one of my favorite rom-coms. 


20. 10 Things I Hate About You


10 Things I Hate About You Romantic Rom-Com Movies


Another favorite romcom. Patrick is paid to charm Kat, who's antisocial and a lot more mature than most girls her age, by a high school boy who wants to date her younger sister, but can't unless Kat dates first, according to their dad's rules. 



21. Crazy Stupid Love


Crazy Stupid Love Romantic Rom-Com Movies


Another hilarious comedy with a different take on romance. You won't be able to stop watching this one. It also has an incredible cast of Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, and Steve Carell


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22. Saghira Ala Al Hob


Saghira Ala Al Hob Romantic Rom-Com Movies


Do you know anyone who doesn't love this film? It's a classic with the most memorable and nostalgic songs. Starring, of course,  Souad Hosny and Rushdy Abaza.



23. Love, Rosie


Love, Rosie - Romantic Rom-Com Movies


When do you finally tell someone you love them? And how does it change your life? This is what you'll get to experience with Love, Rosie. It is also one of my favorites. 



24. Pretty Woman


Pretty Woman Romantic Rom-Com Movies


A classic American film with everyone's favorite, Julia Roberts. This is definitely an interesting love story, unlike anything you've ever seen


25. The Notebook


The Notebook Romantic Rom-Com Movies


One of the most popular romance movies of all time is based on the best-selling novelist Nicholas Sparks. A great love story starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams.



26. El Banat Ayza Eh


El Banat Ayza Eh Romantic Rom-Com Movies Arabic


A story of a girl, looking for a man without a past, but falling in love changes her mind. It is starring Soheir Ramzi and Mahmoud Abdel Aziz.



27. Fifty Shades of Grey


Fifty Shades of Grey Romantic Rom-Com Movies


A famous and extremely popular sexy and enticing trilogy about sex and love, starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan.



28. Almurahikat


Romantic Rom-Com Movies Arabic


An Egyptian cinema classic that talks about a teenage girl falling in love with an older man. The film stars Rushdy Abaza and Magda.



29. The Ugly Truth


The Ugly Truth Romantic Rom-Com Movies


How do men see love? Can you make someone fall in love with you? The Ugly Truth takes a comedic look on love and what we know of it. 



30. Afreet Meraty


Afreet Meraty Romantic Rom-Com Movies


A great romantic comedy movie with the hilarious and charming Shadia is definitely one of her best roles. 

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