We know you're all very eager to go back to your normal routine, meet up with your friends and indulge in an evening of game night. Thankfully, the technology hasn't failed you because there are plenty of online games to play with your friends over the internet, which will make you feel slightly closer. 

Here are even more games. 25 actually. Some of which can also be played online!

Since we're trying really hard to make the best out of this difficult period and our time in quarantine, we knew we had to suggest even more forms of fun and distraction. So, today we're showing you 10 online games you can play with your friends.

You can also give online courses a go...

or watch a classic rom-com. Here are 20 of the best ones. 

Top 10 online games to play with friends:



This game gained massive popularity last year and it's still outperforming many battle games. A lot of people love its realism, so if you're looking for a game full of action and excitement, this is a good choice.

PUBG on Google Play, App Store and PC

2. Online Chess


If like your intelligence and concentration to be challenged, then go the classic chess. You can choose one of your friends to play against. You only need to open the game online and send an invite.

Online Chess

3. FIFA 20


If you love football, then FIFA is the best thing you can play with your friends online. It's a classic and one of the oldest in the game.


4. Call of Duty


This game gained huge popularity back in 2003. It initially started with the events of the Second World War and then it moved on to some more modern cold wars. 

Call of Duty on Google Play, App Store and PC

5. Grand Theft Auto


This game has been famous and popular for so many years and it still remains very popular among gamers. It's an action-adventure game with crime and robbery. 

GTA Online

6. Monopoly


Another classic that we've all played at some point with friends and family. Now you can actually play it online with your friends. Just invite them and start the game... 

Monolopy Online

7. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Who doesn't know Super Mario?! This modern version of the game is really great and interactive. It allows you to play with 8 other players.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online

8. Fortnite


This was another massive hit. It is a huge battle game that can have up to 100 players and requires  skill and intelligence. It's all about the last one standing. It starts with a lot of players and then they start losing one after the other...


9. Uno Online


Another classic that we all know and love in almost every family gathering and friends beach trip. Today, you can look back at the good old days and play it online.

Uno Online

10. A Way Out


Two prisoners try to escape together. But they stir up your emotions with their strong bond. However, how long will their friendship stay this strong?  

A Way Out