Spending Your Birthday Alone? Do These Things To Make The Day Memorable!

Mariam Youssef
7/1/23, 5:00 PM

When your birthday is close, you expect that the closest people would do something to celebrate this day, be it with presents, a surprise party, or at least a cake. Unfortunately, people may be busy or not available to do the things you expect them to, so you end up shocked and disappointed, which may ruin your birthday. Don’t allow people to control how you feel on this special day! While it’s nice to have people around you to celebrate, it is best to expect anything from anyone and try to enjoy this day alone. Believe us; it’s not as bad as it sounds. You can have the utmost fun alone on your birthday and we will share with you some amazing ways to celebrate your day, so keep reading. And hey…Happy Birthday, beautiful!

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Take the day off

First things first, unless your birthday is on a weekend or an official holiday, take the day off! Don’t spend this special day at work, please. Don’t treat this day as any regular day of the year. This is the one day of the year when you should feel special, different, and, most importantly, happy. Even if you’re going to stay in bed all day (well, don’t stay in bed all day either!), take this day off and don’t go to work. Do you know that in some countries, employees’ birthdays are days off?

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Make a drastic change

Probably the first thing you want to do on your birthday is to feel “reborn” just like a new person, so why not go for a drastic makeover? A crazy hair dye, new haircut, facial session, or a completely new, out-of-comfort-zone outfit would be great ideas to start with. You may even go crazier with a Henna tattoo that will look gorgeous and is temporary so you don’t regret it.

Moreover, the change doesn’t only have to be in your looks; you can change your mindset too and how you perceive yourself and the things around you. Spend some time to adopt a positive mindset towards things and figure out ways to make your dreams come true. Remember that it’s never too late to achieve your goals and touch the stars!

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Give yourself presents

Try to save money 2-3 months before your birthday so you can treat yourself on this special day. Go shopping for things you’ve always wanted but only kept on the wish list. Even if the items you want are not essential, as long as they make you happy, go ahead and buy them. Your birthday is a day to celebrate a new year of your life, so do whatever you can to enjoy yourself. Additionally, you can buy yourself anything that will cheer you up like flowers, gift cards, or even a dessert.

If there is a movie you want to see at the cinema, go ahead and do that on your birthday. Don’t settle for a small pack of popcorn though; buy a luxurious meal and book the most expensive cinema ticket. After that, you may want to relax a bit, so you can always book a spa session for the ultimate pleasure.

At-home entertainment

Don’t think for one second that spending your birthday at home is sad. Your mindset can decide and twist things to make them positive. When you’re spending this special day at home for whichever reason, you can do tons of things that make this day memorable and fun. Binge-watch your favorite show and order some pizza to make the day more enjoyable. You may have a Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings marathon; turn off the lights and enjoy the unique, uninterrupted experience.

Help others

If helping others and giving happiness is something you enjoy, you may want to dedicate your birthday to making others happy. Take this opportunity to volunteer to any charitable organization, where you can help others and see the smiles on their faces. This will also be a chance to meet new people and connect with them. Who knows; they may get to know you better and celebrate your birthday. Furthermore, since you love helping others, you may dedicate your birthday to donating your old clothes, toys, and anything to other people. You can also donate money to the poor. Studies show that donating or spending money makes people happier.

A Single-room staycation

It can be a terrific chance to have a staycation if you are alone at home on your birthday. This is all about giving yourself a break and taking some time to unwind at a nearby hotel, where you are most likely to be yourself. Use your staycation to explore your interests. Spend your birthday taking the time you need to rest and relax rather than working, cleaning, or performing other household duties.

A virtual party

You can still organize a virtual party even if you are alone because of things like moving, bad weather, or busy schedules. A great way to celebrate your birthday, play games, dance to music, or do anything else you might enjoy on your special day is through an online gathering. You can also invite distant relatives and friends. Schedule a Zoom or Messenger video call with those you want to celebrate with and have catching up on each other’s lives. Remember that it is okay to remind people of your birthday; they can be busy but that doesn’t mean they don’t care.

Regardless of the reason why you’re spending your birthday alone, don’t ever be discouraged to enjoy this day to the fullest. This is your day, not others! So, it only makes sense to enjoy it and spend time with yourself to explore new, fun things. Do whatever makes you happy on this day so it’ll be memorable. We wish you the happiest of birthdays!

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