Yes, sex is all about pleasure and satisfaction, but believe it or not sex actually has many more benefits. Sex is actually good for you, not just to make you feel good, but it is good for you emotionally and physically. So, without further a due, here are the benefits of having sex that every person deserves to know. 

1. Sex can boost your immunity

According to studies, people who have sex regularly (2-3 times per week) are less likely to get sick. Why? One of the benefits of having sex is that it strengthens your body’s immunity against viruses and bacteria. 

2. Sex helps you lose weight

It has been concluded that a person can lose up to five calories in one minute while having sex. Another benefit of sex is that it strengthens your vaginal muscles. That's definitely a win win situation!

3. Strengthens your heart muscle 

It has been proven that having a regular sex life can actually strengthen your heart muscles and reduce the chances of heart conditions. 

4. Regular sex increases your sex drive

Having regular sex with your husband means increasing both of your desires to be with eachother and hence a healthier and of course a happier sex life.

5. Gives your skin a youthful glow

Believe it or not there is a relationship between having sex and the beauty of your skin. It has been proven that having sex helps the release of estrogen and testosterone hormones, which keeps your skin youthful. Estrogen alone is actually responsible for keeping your skin and hair soft. So technically, your hair will benefit too.

6. Sex can help you de-stress

If you have been stressed a lot lately, having sex is a great way to keep things under control as it releases endorphins, which makes a person feel happy and relaxed. 

7. Cures headaches

Sex is actually a natural pain killer. Since having sex releases endorphins, it will help relieve any pain, such as headaches or even back pain. 

8. A good night’s sleep 

The after effects of having sex are also remarkable, as it releases the prolactin hormone, which can help you enjoy a good night’s sleep

9. Protects you from involuntary urination

Due to the contractions of the vaginal muscles during orgasms, having sex regularly trains your muscles and protects you from suffering from involuntary urination.

10. Satisfaction and Content

Though these two qualities may seem predictable, but it is one of the most important benefits of having sex. People who have sex regularly, are more likely to be happy and content with themselves, therefore reducing chances of depression. More so, having a healthy and regular sex life with your partner ensures a strong and loving relationship.