So maybe you can't really get rid of stress, but you can sure as hell deal with it in an effective way that is not detrimental to your health. If you are going through a stressful time, don't give in to the feeling where you want to sleep, or just stay in bed all day avoiding everything. Here are eight ways you can de-stress immediately, and tackle your stress in a much better way. 

1. Figure out your outlets

You need to know what hobby or activity you like to do, that can allow you to break from your thoughts and errands. It could be sports, watching movies, listening to music… just be sure it solves the purpose of relaxing your brain and yourself.

2. Have some ME time

You know the phrase, 'life is just passing us by' well it is true. Since you have a job that takes up more than half your day, and you are stuck in traffic a lot of the time, doesn't mean you should forget about yourself. You need some time for yourself, to relax, plan your day, clean your closet, or even finish reading that book you started months ago.

3. Try meditation or yoga

Do not underestimate the effect, mediation and yoga can have on you. Practicing yoga can alleviate your stress, and establish good balance in your body and thoughts. It also tones your body, so it is a win win situation.

4. Learn to forgive

You need to get rid of all that built up angst, and relieve yourself from any negative energy. Relieve yourself of the   anger and bad thoughts that fill your mind. Just forgive and forget, you will feel a lot better. 

5. Get out of the house

Spend more time outside! It could be as simple as sitting in your terrace, or going for a morning jog/hike/walk. If you have a desk job and are stuck at the office for hours, open your windows and curtains, maybe even take a short coffee break and walk to the nearest coffee shop.

6. Add some greenery to your surroundings

Flowers are lovely to look at and create a nice smell in your room or office. If you are worried about not being able to take care of your plants, spring for some plastic colorful pots of plants, they serve as a great piece of decor. 

7. Stop your routine

You only live once so why make every two days be exactly the same, let alone have a repetitive week. A routine will only increase your stress and boredom, so spice things up and try to integrate new activities in your day.

8. Pamper yourself, take care of YOU

When things get too much to handle, head over to the spa for a day of pampering. Get your nails done, after all no one ever left a spa or beauty salon feeling stressed. Feeling good starts with looking good! Messy hair, an unironed t-shirt certainly does not look flattering. Take time to invest in your dressing and beauty routine, it has a huge impact on your mood.