How to remove pilling from clothes? A question that rises a lot with the stat of fall and winter, because there's nothing more annoying than finding that your favorite sweater started pilling. Even though you try to treat your clothes gently, some fabrics, especially woven ones, are highly prone to creating fuzz and pilling. In order to get rid of those annoying pilling balls and accumulated clots of fabric, here are the best four ways to remove pilling from your clothes.

1. Use a shaver/razor to get rid of pilling.

Put the piece of clothes on a flat surface and make sure it is well flattened. Bring your sharp razor and go over your clothes very gently. Make sure you don't accidentally harm the fabric itself. To do that, you need to stretch the part of the clothes you'll start with, then go over it with the razor. The razor should be placed at an angle and use it in the same direction of the pilling. Be very cautious as you do that, in order not to cut your clothes.

2. Remove pilling using a fine toothed comb.

Did you know that your plastic narrow-toothed comb can remove the annoying pilling from your clothes? It sure can! All you need to do, is lay the clothes on a flat surface, and comb very gently downwards. If you are not careful, or in a rush, you might end up with the comb's teeth snatching your winter clothes; which I'm sure you don't want. So, go slow and be gentle. As you work your way down against the pilling, make sure to gather as much clots as you can. Now you have a sweater free of pilling and bobbles!

3. Take pilling out with a duct tape.

Using a duct tape to remove pilling from your clothes is by far the best and fastest method. This way is super easy since you can remove the pilling from a large part of your clothes at once. All you need to do is pass by any stationary or store to buy a wide duct tape and once home you'll be ready to start removing the pilling.

Cut a piece of duct tape and stick it to the part of your clothes you want to remove the pilling from. Tap on it lightly then pull the tape off the fabric carefully. You'll notice that most of the pilling is gone since it'll be stuck on the tape.

Repeat this step all over the fabric until all the pilling is gone! You might need to change the piece of duct tape you're using from time to time since the glue will be less sticky after a couple of times using it.

4. Get rid of pilling with scissors.

If you're the type of person to want something safe and are worried that any of the above ways to remove pilling from your clothes might be risky. Then your best bet is to use scissors. This method might take more time to remove all the pilling but it really works.

Using sharp scissors, cut the fuzz off your sweater or pullover one by one. What you need to be careful of is to avoid getting the scissors too close to the surface of the fabric, so you won't cut it accidentally.

Do you know any other tricks or hacks to remove pilling from your winter clothes easily at home? Let us know what your tricks are or which method you tried from the ones mentioned above.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @taramilktea