Learning how to wash your clothes is definitely not an easy thing. I'm a firm believer that washing machines are bad bad places, and can greatly harm your precious clothes if they're not operated well. Yet when you decide to put your clothes in the washing machine, you must know the following tips and tricks to wash your clothes at home.

1. To start off with laundry, you must first separate your clothes to piles according to their color. Arrange into whites, blacks and colored pieces.

2. Remember this 'care tag' on your clothes that we mostly ignore? Well, it exists for a reason! Pay extra attention to this care tag before washing your clothes, as it tells you how to wash your clothes, dry it and even how to store it. Informative, isn't it?

3. Not all clothes are meant to be thrown in your washing machine. Some clothes are better hand washed like beaded shirts, ripped trousers and lace tops.

4. When it comes to your favorite pair of jeans, it's always better to turn it inside out before washing it. By doing this, there's less friction and its color won't wear off. 

5. What is the best way to wash your cotton T-shirts? Cold temperature is the best setting when it comes to washing your cotton T-shirts as cotton is less prone to shrink in cold water.

6. It's always preferable to use hot water for light colors. Since light colors tend to attract more dirt, hot water will pick up the stains better.

7. Whether you're hand washing your clothes or putting them in your washing machine, a fabric softener is always a good idea. Fabric softeners make your clothes fluffier and leave it with a nice smell. 

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