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| by Farida Abdel Malek

How to DIY Your Own Floating Plant Shelf Hassle-Free

Yes, you read the title right... a floating shelf DIY. Well, technically it's not floating, it's hanging, but it does look floating from afar. I used to see these all the time on Pinterest but never tried them because I assumed they must be complicated until I came across an easy DIY by blogger Aniko. Her website is full of easy, beautiful DIYs and this one caught my eye instantly because of how simply it was assembled.


You can customize your floating shelf with the color of yarn, the shelf you use and what you choose to display on it. Don't limit yourself to plants if you don't want to, try out different pieces of decor and see how they'll turn out. You must try this DIY, just like we will at the office.

You will need:

- Wooden slab or plate

- Yarn

- Scissors


Step 1:
Step 1:
Prepare your tools and gather 48 pieces of yarn.
Cut each piece into 320 cm.
Find the center of the cut yarn. Tie a knot as this will be the center of the hanger.
Split the yarn threads into 4 equal bundles of 12.
Then divide each section into two halves of 6 and twist them together.
Hang the finished piece on a curtain rail or any place high in your room.
About 10 cm below the top, tie a strong, secured knot.
Pick and arrange your desired plants and pots. Succulents look great in this type of decor.
Place your piece of wood to sit against the yarn and arrange your plants.

Image Credits: Place of My Taste

DIY Credits: Place of My Taste

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