Our Favorite Stars Are Sharing Their Stories with an Icon We All Know and Love

Fustany Team
9/30/18, 12:00 AM

You know why coffee always tastes better when you drink it out of your favorite mug? Why some people love to drink water out of wine glasses? It’s because it’s never just about the drink, but the experience. This is where a favorite meal, song or any simple attachment becomes an Icon. Did you know that we all have one icon in common? The Coca-Cola contour bottle which was once a childhood favorite and now it’s making a comeback.

An icon represents something that has a special meaning to you, it gives you a sense of  nostalgia, happiness, inspiration or even relaxation. A Coca-Cola bottle is loved by so many to the extent where we sometimes turn it into decor pieces; a vase or  even a backdrop collage of someone’s living room. Young Egyptian artists nowadays have connected with that bottle and reminisced about why they keep going back to it in their family and friends’ gatherings during Ramadan, Eid and the birthdays that always begin and end with Coca-Cola bottles being passed around.

Coca-Cola bringing this contour bottle back and matching it with a campaign featuring our favorite new generation of stars, could not resonate with us more. These young faces remind us every day, to embrace individuality and remember to always bring a fresh new take on art and life. Ahmed Hatem, Amina Khalil, Amir Eid, Enjy Kiwan, Lara Scandar, Sharnouby and Tamer Hashem gave us the cherry on top by sharing their stories and relationship with the bottle. Each of them brought their own memories and favorite ways to enjoy a Coca-Cola, reminding us all of why we love it and that there’s always a story behind this icon of a bottle.

So what’s your story? Why do you go back to the bottle? Is it a memory or is it just how it makes you feel? Let us know and share your story… #ورا_كل_إزازة_حكاية‎‎


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