Party Games For Eid That Your Family Will Love
Mariam Youssef
4/19/23, 1:00 PM

Eid is all about family get-togethers and celebrations, and what’s better than playing games with family members and sharing laughter all day long? Luckily, we have several brands that have amazing and engaging family and friends games that bond people together and make them laugh and have the utmost fun. From card games to stick games, we’ll show you awesome party games for Eid that your family will love.

Cue Games

One of the best things about Cue Games is that they know how to satisfy Friends fans because they have not only one but two awesome Friends games. If you’re into board games, you’ll want to own Friendsoholic. It’s an amusing board game, where your memory and devotion will be put to test to see how much you know your favorite show by heart. They also have a Friendsoholic card game that’s also fun and entertaining. Moreover, for all the Potterheads, Cue Games have a Harry Potter board game that’s “as intricate as the maze in the Triwizard tournament and as fun as the Yule Ball.”

However, if you’re more into Arabic movies and TV shows, you’ll surely love their ElHassa ElSaba’a card game that will satisfy your inner actor and put your cinema knowledge to the test.

Instagram: Cue Games

Website: Cue Games

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Casino Al3ab

Casino Al3ab create fun games for fun people. One of the most interesting games they have is Casino Aflam, which is about Arabic movies and actors. It is fun, interactive, and hilarious. They also have a 3-in-1 game called Casino Al3ab, where you can find 3 interesting card games that will surely be the highlight of your Eid gathering.

Instagram: Casino Al3ab

Website: Casino Al3ab

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2ool Ameme

This is probably the right place for you if you’re looking for different, quirky, and fun games. 2ool Ameme has a variety of games that you can play with your friends and family. Choose your favorite from the 9 games available on their website. You can also check the “how to play” section before purchasing to see how fun the games are.

Instagram: 2oolameme

Website: 2oolameme

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Jokey Joy

For the most interesting, engaging, hilarious card games, head to Jokey Joy. Couples wa Laken is a card game specifically designed for couples to test how well they know each other and do fun challenges together. Girls wa Laken, as the name suggests, is a card game for girls only, so you can already tell how fun and hilarious it is.

Instagram: Jokey Joy

Website: Jokey Joy

Klaket Awel Mara

This is a board game about Egyptian movies to challenge your friends and see who’s the expert. It’s a 2-in-1 game. Inside the box, you’ll find a separate card game about movies and actors, while the main game is more challenging and fun.

Instagram: Klaket Awel Mara

Way 2 Play

Way 2 Play is another awesome board and card game store that has a variety of fun games for family and friends. Check out their YouTube channel to learn more about their games and how to play them.

Instagram: W2P

Funny Couples

As the name suggests, this brand makes card games for couples. You may want to get your hand on their Catch Me game to play with your spouse if you want to have a fiery, hot Eid night. The available games can make your bond stronger with your partner and also are funny and entertaining.

Instagram: Funny Couples

Website: Funny Couples


Emmkan is a social-emotional learning page that helps people become better versions of themselves. They created 3 card games called Share (friends edition), Share (family edition), and Share (married couples edition). With these games, you’ll not only have fun with the people around you, but you’ll also get closer to them and communicate better with each other.

Instagram: Emmkan

Website: Emmkan

Next Round

Next Round is the newest game brand on the market, but they have a great game called Pick a Stick. It’s a great game for couples, friends, and family, where you get to pick an actual stick and answer the question on it.

Instagram: Next Round

Website: Next Round

New Game

This page will help you find the ultimate board game you’re looking for no matter where it is originally from. They have an endless list of interesting board and card games that will surely satisfy your inner gamer.

Instagram: New Game

Website: New Game


Crocodice is another page that sells awesome board and card games. From Code Names to 7 Wonders, the list is endless. Check their website for an overview of their games.

Instagram: Crocodice

Website: Crocodice

Did you find your Eid game here? Give it a go and purchase one or more of these games and make your family gatherings more fun and memorable.

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