Ramadan 2023: The Undeniable Importance of Sibling Bond
Engy Elghannam
4/16/23, 6:00 PM

Sibling bonds are one of the strongest connections that we can make in our lives; this emotional attachment happens early and is rooted deeply in our development. Siblings have a great role in helping us learn crucial skills to navigate relationships, find a sense of identity, and understand how to create attachments to others. That is why siblings need to always have a good relationship because they are the only people in the world who will grow up with you and can be your lifelong friends and supporters. We can truly say that this topic is tackled in many series this Ramadan 2023; it's shown that having close bonds with your siblings is crucial to living happy and healthy lives. Here in this article, you'll learn the importance of your brother or sister and why you don't have to take it for granted.

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Here are the benefits of sibling relationships

Having someone to rely on 

Having a sibling can be one of the greatest blessings in life. Siblings share a bond that is different from any other relationship. They grow up together, share experiences, and form a bond that lasts a lifetime. Your brother or sister is the first one who will have your back, whether you need something or are facing a problem. You'll always feel safe choosing them to rely on, as they will always be the first to be there for you no matter what. For parents, it is an amazing feeling to know that their children will always have each other’s backs and rely on each other. This is shown in "Taht Elwesaya," as Hanan (Mona Zaki) was so proud of her son as he was very responsible, and he cared about his sister so much that she believed that she, as a mother, could rely on him when she was not home.

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Siblings keep each other sane

Siblings often go through the same life experiences, and having that common ground and also sharing these experiences will help them get over any trauma or other negative feelings quickly, and this will ensure that their mental health does not suffer. Especially younger siblings, as they have another person to go to while dealing with some of the tribulations of growing up like broken hearts, friend fights, talking to someone they like, dealing with the death of loved ones, and more. In this case, siblings' support for each other is important because their parents may have different perspectives on the same things because of their different ages and levels of maturity. But of course, if they don't have enough knowledge, then the parents in this case or someone specialized should be involved. We can say that this is obviously tackled with Saleema (Donia Samir Ghanem) and her brother Omar in "Gat Saleema" series in Ramadan 2023. Saleema, as the older sister, worked hard and did her best with Omar in order to make him have good mental health, especially given that they lost both their mother and father. So she did not want him to feel for a second that he is missing something, as she always provides him with what he needs, whether mentally or physically, and actually the idea of the series is how she is over coming many obstacles to rescue her brother.

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Being able to share secrets 

Being a sibling means having someone to whom you can tell your most private thoughts and feelings. They are the only ones that can keep your secrets that no one else knows, and they can understand you better than anyone else. This is clearly explained with Mona zaki and her sister in "Taht El-Wesaya" series in Ramadan 2023 as Hanan (Mona Zaki), although she did not tell anyone about her escaping plan or where she is staying, she did not regret a second telling her sister about everything. Here this shows Siblings can provide a safe and nonjudgmental space to share personal experiences and feelings. Being able to confide in a sibling can also provide a sense of relief and comfort during difficult times.

They are here to support and listen

This was totally shown in "kamel El Adada" series this Ramadan 2023 with Layla's (Dina El-Sherbiny) children in the heartwarming scene when the brother was hugging his sister after she was so hurt because of her father's disappointment in her. Although her brother did not agree with her to meet their father, he did not let go of her and waited for her outside. This shows how siblings provide emotional support to one another throughout their lives, and they are always there to listen, help, give advice, and build each other up. So if you have supportive siblings in your life, you will learn how to handle problems with confidence and in a healthy way.

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They always sacrifice for each other

While it is common for siblings to care for and support each other, they often sacrifice for each other, regardless of the circumstances. This was shown in "Al Aghar" series this Ramadan 2023 as Gamila and Emad's bond is very strong; they are so attached, and they went through hardships and all problems together without letting go of each other, sacrificing for each other's sake. This is what a sibling's relationship should look like full of support, sacrifice, sharing, and listening.

They always want the best for you

This was clearly tackled in"Gaafar El Omda" series starring Mohamed Ramadan this Ramadan 2023. Although Gaafar (Mohamed Ramadan) was better than his brother Sayed in many things, and deep inside this made Sayed hurt because he was underestimated by other people around him, he was never jealous of his brother, as he was proud of him being seen as a strong man, and he appreciated how many people respected his brother. This shows that healthy siblings will want the best for you, no matter what their consciences are.

Siblings play a crucial role in helping us learn social skills, develop a sense of identity, and provide lifelong friendship and support. It's important to value and nurtures our sibling relationships and not take them for granted, as they can contribute to our happiness and well-being throughout our lives.

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