These Mug Brands Will Make Your Drink More Enjoyable
Mariam Youssef
4/7/23, 1:00 PM

Whether you’re a coffee addict, tea lover, or herbal drinks enthusiast, your mug makes your drink way more enjoyable. Why sip your favorite drink in a regular cup while you can enjoy it in a unique, special, and fun mug? Some people are actually fascinated by mugs and can be considered devoted mug collectors. If you belong to this category or you’re new to the mug world, we’ll introduce you to some awesome brands that sell unique mugs.

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Since it was established in 2013, Ellie has been producing sustainable, ethical, and handcrafted products. If you’re into handcrafted mugs, you’ll love this brand. Not only does Ellie design amazing mugs, but they also create fabulous pottery products that will make an excellent addition to your kitchen.

Contact Information:

Instagram: Ellie

Facebook: Ellie

Muddy Mood

Hanna Junk, the artist behind Muddy Mood, never fails to create ravishing mug designs that make her brand one of the best in the market. Her pottery skills help her to create her fabulous mugs.

Contact Information:

Instagram: Muddy Mood

Facebook: Muddy Mood

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Mug Hug

From classic to modern and everything in between, Mug Hug has an amazing collection that will blow your mind. You’ll find unique designs that suit your own personal taste. Moreover, you can find great mug sets that will complement your decor and complete your collection. Their mugs can also make a great gift to your loved ones.

Contact Information:

Instagram: Mug Hug

Facebook: Mug Hug


Nooge is an artist whose passionate designs make excellent mugs that speak to everyone differently. She uses her art to create unique hand-painted mug designs. Although she uses her imagination to come up with fascinating designs, she can also customize your preferred design and hand-paint it on a mug.

Contact Information:

Instagram: Nooge

Facebook: Nooge

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For the love of hand-painted mugs, here’s another brand that creates fabulous mugs with gorgeous hand-painted designs. The artist behind this brand can make customized orders that you’ll love, be it Disney, TV shows, or fictional characters.

Contact Information:

Instagram: Wego

Meow Mugs

As the name suggests, the brand owner is fascinated by cats. Her designs often reflect cute, cat-inspired drawings. However, that’s not the only thing she does; she creates sensational designs and paintings, such as daisies, cherries, flowers, and clouds that make cute, unique mugs. Moreover, she creates handmade mugs, which makes her collection even more special.

Contact Information:

Instagram: Meow Mugs 


If you’re looking for unique pottery art that’s proudly and entirely handmade in Egypt, Crockera is the answer. You won’t find their designs elsewhere because they’re dedicated to creating unique handmade designs that make their brand stand out. Every occasion, you’ll find a collection of mugs that celebrate it.

Contact Information:

Instagram: Crockera

Facebook: Crockera


Kenum’s mugs are known for their shiny iridescent glaze that makes them stand out in any home décor. Their mugs are great for coffee or a cold drink. Their mugs are handcrafted using 100% organic Egyptian clay. Moreover, their mugs are great for spring and summer and even as a gift for any occasion. This Ramadan, they have a crescent-shaped plate that makes a fabulous addition to your table.

Contact Information:

Instagram: Kenum

Facebook: Kenum

Mug’s Planet

Mug’s Planet is promising to create a new era of cups and we totally believe them! Their stunning designs speak for themselves. Not only do they have cute and different designs, but their mugs also have the cutest covers ever. They also have a different collection of mugs made from different materials, such as glass and porcelain.

Contact Information:

Instagram: Mug's Planet

Facebook: Mug's Planet

Earth’n Spaces

The engraved mugs from Earth’n Spaces will make your drink extra special and will surely be a great addition to your kitchen decor. This brand has several eye-catching mug, plate, and cup designs that make it stand out from the crowd.

Contact Information:

Instagram: Earth’n Spaces


You may know Sugar as a lovely gift shop, but you may not know that it has a fabulous mug collection that will be a statement in your home. Their Ramadan mugs remind us of our beloved old Ramadan shows, such as Bougi and Tamtam. They also have several mug designs that suit different tastes.

Contact Information:

Instagram: Sugar

Facebook: Sugar


COW is another gift shop that we all love because of its fabulous gifts that are not found elsewhere. In addition to their unique gifts, they have wonderful mugs and ravishing porcelain sets that would be great for your tea parties.

Contact Information:

Instagram: COW

Facebook: COW


OddBits is a quirky, fun, and playful shop that sells different kinds of things you may need in your home. They’ve recently added a special collection of mugs that would make your drink even more special. Check out their website for the full list of items.

Contact Information:

Instagram: OddBits

Facebook: OddBits


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