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Five Things You May Be Doing Wrong When Drinking Tea

Dalia Hosny
6/5/14, 12:00 AM

It doesn't matter whether it's dinner or lunch, we Arabs, are serious tea lovers. There's no doubt that drinking tea is considered a very healthy habit, yet it needs to be balanced out, in order not to give off a negative effect. Enjoy your tea experience to the fullest by knowing the five things you may be doing wrong when drinking tea:

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1. Don't drink tea directly after a meal. When you drink tea right after your breakfast or lunch, your body is less prone to absorb iron and proteins gained from your meal. The right time to drink your favorite cup of tea is at least an hour after your meal.

2. Don't drink tea when it's too hot. Believe it or not, drinking flaming hot tea could increase the chances of getting throat cancer. It will not only irritate your throat, but also it will hurt and inflame your stomach lining. Make sure to drink your tea about 15 minutes after your pour it in your cup.

3. Don't drink utterly heavy tea. Heavy or concentrated tea is more likely to cause insomnia and possible stomach aches. If you accidentally left your tea for a long time and it ended up being over-brewed, pour some boiled water in your cup until it turns lighter.

4. Don't take your medicine with tea. This is by far one of the worst tea habits you can ever make. Your body will not absorb the medication well, the medicine might react negatively with tea and the effect of the medicine itself might vanish.

5. Don't drink tea when you're hungry. If you drink tea when you're feeling hungry, it could also trigger a more lost appetite. Tea will react with your stomach and absorb the acids in your tummy, thus affect your digestion. Since hunger can leave your mouth dry, drinking tea on an empty stomach can affect the saliva in your mouth and leave your mouth drier.

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