After Watching Netflix's Next in Fashion: How to Work in Fashion And Become Successful?
Mariam Youssef
3/15/23, 12:00 PM

The new season of Netflix’s Next in Fashion hosted by Gigi Hadid and Tan France proves that every talented, persistent, and creative person has a chance to make it in the fashion world. If you’ve watched the show, you already know how most of the contestants, if not all of them, came from humble backgrounds where they had to start from scratch. However, one thing makes this group of people successful even though there’s only one winner and that thing is passion!

Although millions of young people dream of success in the fashion industry as they grow up, very few actually go on to pursue jobs in it. Yet only a select number of those possess the drive and skills necessary to succeed as models or designers. Nonetheless, success is subjective, and there are countless numbers of people who have discovered their specialty in the fashion business and have good professions in fields like designing, sales, fashion photography, makeup, or hairstyling.

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So, how can you become successful in the fashion industry? Read this article to find out.

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The right education

Get the proper education. If you already know that you want to work in the fashion industry as a hairstylist or makeup artist, you should probably start with cosmetology school. However, if you are interested in design, sales, marketing, or other aspects of the industry, you should think about attending a fashion or design school or even acquiring a fine arts degree.

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Fashion internships

Internships are the ideal starting point. Nothing equals actual experience in the fashion industry, even if you have studied the subject. You must be completely okay beginning at the bottom. An internship in the fashion industry will undoubtedly complete your textbook education and advance your career. Furthermore, an internship occasionally acts as an extended job interview and may lead to a permanent job.

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Start-up companies are not a bad start

Not all of us will succeed in careers similar to Donatella Versace's. The most crucial lesson to take away is that this industry has more role performers than just Vogue and Elle. The smaller players frequently provide chances for you to learn more, experience more, and acquire greater reputation. Fashion start-ups largely rely on interns, and since these companies are still expanding and finding their feet, your opinion can carry double the value it would've producing copies and collecting coffee orders at some glossy fashion magazine.

Motivation and commitment

Be committed and persistent. All businesses require hard work to succeed, and the fashion industry is no exception. According to studies, successful corporate executives in the fashion sector tended to be highly motivated, goal-oriented people who took a hands-on approach to work. So, you should understand that talent alone cannot help you succeed. You have to find your source of inspiration and motivation and hand on to it. Moreover, commitment is key when it comes to the fashion industry. It’s a very competitive industry, so you have to commit to creating fabulous work and showing off your talent.

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Grow your social network

In the beginning of your fashion career, you’ll need guidance and advice. That’s why having an experienced mentor by your side will help you kick start in this industry and grow your social network. Find a mentor who can expand your social and professional network. Every industry benefits from networking, but the fashion business more so. Numerous studies highlight the usefulness of networking for managers across various industries as well as the necessity of a long-term mentor in career growth.

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Stand out from the crowd

There’s nothing wrong with standing out and showing your personality to the whole world. Unleash your creative side and prove to the world that you are special and talented. Allow your style to show in the way you dress, talk, and behave. Don’t be afraid to show your quirkiness and trust your instincts. Even if your fashion class has a hundred people, be sure to leave a mark and stand out because you can.

Be ready for a few sacrifices

When you first start out your fashion career, you can probably forgo things like money, bedtime, and social life. Because the beginnings are the toughest of phases, you’ll have to put every penny in your fashion business to help it grow. You may still need to keep your 9-5 job to help finance your project. Moreover, to commit to unleashing your talent, sometimes you’ll have to cancel on your friends or skip family get-togethers to focus on your designs. Eventually, your persistence, patience, hard work, and sacrifices will pay off and make you successful in the fashion industry.

Patience is key

Do not rush things. Very few people immediately after graduation find their ideal job in the fashion business. Whatever your specialty, you must invest the time to develop the relationships and expertise necessary for success. Set plans, create goals, and work towards them; yet, when an unavoidable setback occurs, stay positive. Just move on and take what you can from it.

Finally, if you’re truly passionate about fashion and trust your talent, don’t let hesitation control your thoughts. Just do it because if you don’t, you’ll always wonder how your life could’ve been if you gave it a shot.

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