Even though you're busy from morning till night as a new mommy, you can still fit in a good workout. We've created a few simple, energetic workouts that you can perform at home in a matter of minutes. These quick exercises engage every muscle in your body without taking hours to complete; furthermore, your baby will be in the spotlight the entire time, allowing you to spend quality time with them while you exercise. The brief exercises can be performed both alone and together every other day. You may start performing these activities as early as six weeks after giving birth, if your doctor gives the go-ahead (probably longer if you had a Cesarean section).

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That said, let’s get into it and show you some exercises that you can do with your little one so you can lose the pregnancy weight or to remain fit.

1. Baby overhead press

- Holding your newborn in front of your chest, cross your legs.

- Keep your elbows bent and close to your ribcage.

- Without locking your elbows, extend your arms straight up.

- After a brief pause, lower your child to the beginning position. Ten reps, a short break, and then two more sets.

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2. Walking lunges

- Hold your newborn comfortably in your arms as you hold yourself tall and gaze straight ahead.

- With your right leg, take a big step forward while bending both knees 90 degrees.

- As your back knee reaches the floor with its heel raised, keep your front knee above your ankle.

- Step with your feet together after pushing off the back leg. Move your infant to the other side, then repeat the motion with the other leg.

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3. Baby weight squats

- Put your chest out and hold your arms out in front of you as you stand.

- You should stand with your feet shoulder-width apart or slightly wider, and then you should press your hips back and down as if you were sitting in a chair.

- Make sure your knees are above your ankles and that your thighs are parallel to the floor.

- Return your feet to stand. Perform ten reps, then switch the baby to the other side and perform two more sets.

4. Peekaboo push-ups

- Put your infant on a soft surface and perform a push-up (you can do it on your knees as well).

- Lower yourself until you are face-to-face with your infant while keeping your elbows close to your body.

- Push yourself back up to the starting posture while stabilizing your core.

- Ten reps, a short break, and then two more sets. By maintaining the push-up position's upper body position, you can also perform this exercise as a plank.

(Note: Set up some safe play distractions close by if your child is having trouble staying still).

5. Baby bench press

- Bend your knees and lie face up on the ground. Tighten your abs.

- Securely hold your child against your chest.

- In a straight line, raise your arms; stop; and then drop your infant to the beginning position.

- Ten reps, a short break, and then two more sets.

6. Talk a walk with a stroller

Although it may seem apparent, simply pushing your baby's stroller around the block is an excellent exercise and a good reason to leave the house. You can also make this into a light jog after your doctor gives the all-clear for more demanding activities.

7. Yoga with your baby

Doing yoga exercises can actually be more fun to your baby than it is to you. Watch this video to learn how to perform these exercises.

8. Baby dancing

All of the major muscle groups are used during a dance workout, which also helps with balance and coordination. No matter how worn out and stressed you may be, it will also improve your mood.

You can carry your newborn or place them in a front carrier that holds them close to your body and supports their head to perform this. Simply turn on your favorite music and dance while holding a tight core. To keep your pulse rate up, alternate between periods of slow and fairly fast music for contrast.

9. Baby curl-ups

Curl-ups strengthen your core muscles, which will help support your lower back. With your knees bent and feet flat, lie face up on the floor. Place your baby in a seated position on or above your pubic bone. Hold them securely under their arms with your fingers wrapped around their torso.

Tighten your abs and lift your head, neck, and shoulders off the floor in 2 counts and lower in 3 counts. Do 15 to 20 reps, rest, and repeat one more time.

Don’t let your baby be the reason why you don’t work out. You can always use your little one in your exercises so you can both have fun and play. This way, you’ll lift up your mood and become fitter.

Main image credit: @milliemackintosh