Increase Your Income With These 16 Craft Project Ideas

Mariam Youssef
1/9/23, 4:00 PM

Starting your own business seems like the right thing to do, given the current economic circumstances and the financial difficulties everyone is facing. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a full-time employer, or simply want to quit your 9-5 job and start your own small business, this article is for you. Today, we’ll show you some great craft project ideas that you can learn so you can increase your income.

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DIY Natural Soaps

Handmade soap is a popular item to purchase as a gift for special occasions or one's own usage, and starting a small craft business around it may be very profitable. You'll need to acquire certain ingredients, such as coconut oil or shea butter and lye, as well as molds to shape the soap in.

Handmade Scented Candles

If you wish to open an online store to sell your products, starting a candle-making business can be rewarding and successful. Natural, non-toxic candles are quite popular, and you can make them in a variety of shapes and scents to appeal to a wide audience.

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Gift Baskets

Food, drinks, bath and beauty goods, ornaments, and other items can all be included in gift baskets. Consumer demand for them is rising, and they make the ideal presents for any occasion. Before launching a gift basket business, there are a number of factors to take into account. You must choose the kinds of baskets you want to make and the audience you want to sell them to.

Bath Bombs

You may create a variety of bath bombs using the same basic recipe and essential oils. Take some time to research the most popular products at craft stores or online retailers to see how you might personalize your own bath bombs.

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Body Care Products

If natural soaps and bath bombs aren’t your jam, body care products may interest you. Consider products like body scrubs, lip balms, and bath salts. On Pinterest, you can find a ton of delicious recipes, and with a little effort and some adorable jars and boxes, you can create a brand-new craft business!

Party Supply Store

All you need to do is to do thorough research about all the party requirements with high demand. You also need to list all the party themes and types and bring all the supplies to your stores to cover customers’ needs.


If people usually compliment your cooking and you feel like you want to unleash your inner, creative chef, the best thing to do is to get into the catering business. You’ll need social media accounts and a good-quality camera to capture your yummy dishes.

Healthy Drink Business

Another thing that you can do in your kitchen is making healthy drinks. Many people strive for sugarless, trusted, healthy drinks that they can consume right away. You will need attractive packaging and, most importantly, excellent recipes to compel people to buy from you.

Handwritten Wedding Invitation Cards

Handwritten invites are scarce in our current digital age. Receiving a handwritten message or invitation, however, is something special. If you have lovely handwriting, you might choose to sell your talents by offering handwritten letters and invitations. If you take it a step further, you can use your design abilities to create and market wedding invites.


You might not realize it, but stickers for kids, planners, and a variety of sports and interests are currently very popular. The demand is there, first and foremost. Moreover, there is less competition than there is for some of the other more well-known handmade businesses.

Coloring Books

This might be something as straightforward as a picture of your preferred character from a film or television program, or it could be more intricate and time- and effort-intensive to produce. You may produce coloring books to sell online at stores like Amazon Kindle Publishing or even sell your individual coloring pages online.

Crochet and Knitting

Clothing, blankets, and other items can be made using the popular crafts of knitting and crocheting. For baby showers or wedding gifts, many people prefer to purchase handcrafted knit or crocheted things. These timeless pieces are quite popular and can bring in a decent profit if you price them appropriately.

Baby Gifts

Blankets, mittens, scarves, bibs, and stuffed animals are popular baby accessories. You may create these adorable objects using your knitting and sewing abilities. Make sure to use baby-friendly fabrics and colors when making your own products. Additionally, you might choose to include distinctive elements like embroidery or appliques.

Floral Arrangements

You must first either purchase wholesale flowers or grow your own flowers in order to get your floral business off the ground. You might also think about offering plants or seeds for sale if you do have a large garden.

Fashion Designing

Starting your own clothing line is an interesting business idea, even though most people tend to go for it. Fashion is versatile and personal, so although there are plenty of clothing lines, you can still create something different and unique, especially if you learn how to design clothes. Taking a fashion styling course upfront is always a good idea.

Handmade Clothing

If you’re not into dealing with factories or you trust your own sewing skills, you can create handmade clothes. You’ll only require a sewing machine and fabrics to start your project.

Finally, we just want to say that whether you're in your early 20s or late 50s, you can start your own small business and succeed. Don't let anyone or anything stop you from doing what you love. Trust your gut and start your project.

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