Take some time to navigate through your bathroom cabinet’s items. Do you think you’re missing a few things that can make your life easier? You may already have the basic items like your toothpaste and toothbrush, but what about the other things? We’re here to list  40 essentials every woman should have in her bathroom cabinet. So, follow this list accurately and you will never have any mishap situations.

1. Two deodorants: The one you are currently using and a spare.

2. Extra toothbrushes and toothpaste.

3. Cotton balls and cotton swabs.

4. Sanitary pads; load up on a few types, mini and regular.

5. Spare towels, especially the mini disposable towels. 

6. Dental floss.

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7. Body lotions and moisturizers.

8. Hair removal device: shaver, epilator, wax strips, etc.

9. Bobby pins, hair clips, hair rollers, and hair bands because no lady can live without them. 

10. Tweezers.

11. Makeup remover.

12. Hairbrushes, a comb, and thermal brush for blow-drying your hair. 

13. Natural oils. You never know when you might want to give your body or hair a natural treatment.

14. Contact lenses box and solution with spare ones (in case you use them). 

15. Soap to wash your delicate lingerie.

16. Mouthwash.

17. Painkillers (Advil and Panadol) for when a headache hits you in the middle of the night. 

18. Acne cream to treat the pimples that suddenly show up on your face out of nowhere. 

19. Liquid antiseptics to sterilize any cuts or scratches.

20. Vaginal wash.

21. Extra boxes of tissue and toilet paper.

22. Hair care products, such as leave-in serums, hair perfume, or dry shampoo

23. Face brush to thoroughly cleanse your face and pores.

24. Body brush for dry brushing and exfoliating your skin when it is dry.

25. Hair spray.

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26. Scissors.

27. Band-aids.

28. Bandages.

29. Antacids. Be prepared for any sudden stomach ache, heartburn, or indigestion.

30. Cold medicine. Cold comes uninvited any time, so be prepared with basic cold medicine in your bathroom.

31. Thermometer. If you feel like you’re coming down with the flu, a thermometer is a must-have. Keep it in the bathroom so you know where it is whenever you need it.

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32. Sunblock and after sun lotions.

33. Nail polish and nail polish remover. 

34. Baby oil and baby powder.

35. Hair styling products, such as your curling iron or straightener.

If you have large drawers or a bigger bathroom, store these things too:

36. Jewelry. Keep a small tray next to the sink where you can put the jewelry items you wear every day, such as your watch and go-to necklaces.

37. Makeup. Not everyone has the luxury to store their makeup in the bathroom cabinet or drawers. But if you have enough space, put your go-to makeup products in the bathroom for practicality.

38. Linens. Some people may not have a linen closet. So, if that’s the case, store your linens on a bathroom shelf.

39. Reading materials. Instead of taking your phone with you while you’re “doing your business,” stack a few magazines and newspapers on a wall rack or basket and get entertained.

40. Air freshener. Spray some whenever you want your bathroom to smell heavenly.

Just remember to leave some space for your hubby!

Main image credits: Instagram @tamirajarrel